Phony baloney: The 9 Fakest Fake-News Checkers

Must Know Headlines 4.3.2010


Top Dems Call Companies ‘Irresponsible’ For Taking Write-Downs
On Retiree Drug Benefits — Even Though Federal Rules Require It

Barack Obama Aims To Drive Gas Guzzlers Off The Road
With Greener Laws, Will Destroy Jobs And Prevent Job Growth

The Left Claims They Can’t Find Anyone Who Says Obamacare Is Illegal

This Regime Governs Against Will Of People And Purposely Kills Jobs

New Vehicle Efficiency Rules Could Paralyze Recovery

New Leaders Of Stop Islamization Of America

Vouchers Do Not Harm Public Schools

Saving the Republic: Yes We Can

Democrat-Run Government

Obama Administration Not Interested In Old Friends

More Than 200,000 To Lose Jobless Benefits Monday With Congress Out

On the Left, Comparing Bush’s America
To North Korea Makes You Supreme Court Material

CIA Says ACLU-Backed Plan Endangered Gitmo Officers 

Unemployment Stays At 9.7%

Barack Obama

Obama’s Census Choice: Simply African-American

President Obama’s Priorities: Human Rights Be Damned

Obama Is Now Showing His True Colors As A Radical

 Barack Obama’s Helter-Skelter, Insane Clown Posse,
Alinsky Plans To ‘Deconstruct’ America

Obama Now Wants Republicans To Provide Political Cover To Democrats
They Search For Ways To Finance The Welfare State Of Their Dreams

Liberal Media

It Was a Setup!… State-Run Media Conspired on Racist Tea Party Attack (Updated)

Media Matters Criticizes Study Without Even Looking At It

Networks Praise New Fuel Standards, Call Them ‘Nothing Short Of Historic’

‘Impressive!’ Couric Coos After Obama Sinks A Jump Shot,
Smith Frets Over ‘Enmity’ From Talk Radio


ACORN Playing Rebranding Game 

Where Do Jews And Christians On The Left Get Their Values?

Palestine House Thugs Screams “You Need Another Holocaust”

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