Reporting? Liberal Media Have Much More in Mind Than That

Must Know Headlines 4.4.2010


A Warning To The Tea Partiers: They’re Trying To Provoke You    

Black Dem Rep. Who Was Reportedly Spit On By Tea Party Protester:
I Never Claimed To Have Been Spit On Intentionally

States Need To Protect Us From ObamaCare (And The IRS)

  More Than 200,000 To Lose Jobless Benefits Monday With Congress Out

 Arrested “Rightwing” Militia Member Is A Democrat

Iran Keeps Rolling Toward Nuclear Weapons Capability

Authoritarianism vs. The Internet  

Old, Liberal, Democrat-Infested, Biased Media

 Media Run To NYT’s Defense, Accuse Vatican Of ‘Killing The Messenger’ 

Outrageous!… NY Times Sunday Hit Piece
Pictures Tea Party Protesters With Weathermen Terrorists

A Day Late And A Dollar Short: CNN Finds Democrats At Tea Parties

Newsweek Helps Energy Secretary Chu Push Cap-And-Trade

Teatime At The Times  

Barack Hussein Obama

Obamacare’s Secret Surveillance 

Obama’s Greatest Crime, Permanent Mob Rule On The Way 

President Obama Flies Over Flood Disaster In Rhode Island To Talk
About How His Health Care Overhaul Will Help Struggling Americans

Defensive Much? Obama Gives Rambling,
Incoherrent 17 Minute Response To Concern About Being ‘Overtaxed’

Parochially Post-American:  It Wasn’t The “Reset”
Button President Obama Hit; It Was The Ejector-Seat Button

Limbaugh Hits Back At Obama For Criticism  

Out Of Control, Race Baiting, Socialist, Anti-American Government

Hillary Invades Canada! 

Constitution? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Constitution 

House Plans To Resurrect Law Requiring ‘Gay’ Hires:
Fresh From Health-Care Victory, Dems Target Christian Employers

Democrat Grayson: Doctor Shooing Away
Obama Backers Will Deny Treatment To Blacks

Sick Thinking From ‘Mainstream’ Leftists  


 UK: Muslim Stabs EDL Member In Neck With Broken Bottle, Police Do Nothing 

 Amnesty International Condones Jihad?   

Cuba: Change Is Not One Sided


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