15 Fake News Stories Since Trump Won POTUS

Must Know Headlines 4.20.2010


Clinton Rewrites History, Shifts Blame For Oklahoma City Bombing

‘Watch Your Words,’ ABC Advances Clinton’s
Charge Anti-Obama Rhetoric ‘Could Lead To Violent Acts’

Criminalizing Debate

The SEC, Goldman Sachs, and John Paulson’s Money Trail

 Bautsch’s Leg Was “Stomped” Causing Breaks In Four Places
That Required Surgery, Steel Rod And Seven Screws To Reconstruct

Photo Shows Horrified GOP Official After Savage Beating In New Orleans

The New Front In The War: Hidden On Page 27 Of The
“Jobs” Bill Passed In March Is A Depth Charge

The Taxing Power of Obamacare: The Insurance Mandate Is An Affront
To Personal Liberty, And It’s Unconstitutional As Well

Rising And Falling On Internet Freedom

Democrat-Run Government/Obama Administration

Arizona Sheriff Says Cops Are Being Killed By Illegal Aliens;
Joins Call For U.S. Troops At Border

White House Caught Altering Stimulus Baseline Projection by 7 Million Jobs

Obama’s Muslim Adviser Dalia Mogahed
“Is Herself An Islamic Ideologue Who Supports Islamic Sharia”

Appeasing The Muslim Brotherhood: How Obama’s Policies
 Are Facilitating A Potential Islamist Take-Over In Egypt

Regulators Reportedly Planning To Cut Salt Intake,
Saying It Would Reduce Heart And Hypertension-Related Deaths

Tea Party Movement

What’s Behind The Anti-Tea Party Hate Narrative?

Communists Call Tea Party Shock Troops

(Video) Bill Maher: Tea Partiers ‘Nostalgic For An Era When Blacks Were Invisible’

Barack Obama

Obama Plays Eight Times More Golf Than George W Bush

Dem To Obama: Push Immigration Or I’ll Tell Latino Voters To Stay Home 

 Old, Democrat-Activist Media

Glenn Beck Answers Joe Klein: You Lefties
Used The Regime Word 6,500 Times Against Bush (Video)

Maddow Worries McVeigh’s ‘Voice
From The Grave’ Echoes, As She Plays His Old Interviews


U.S., Iraqi Forces Report Killing Two Al Qaeda Leaders:
‘Significant Blow’ To Terrorist Organization

Phoebe And Neda: Bullying From South Hadley To Iran

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