Illegal Alien Charged With Murder In Colorado
Was Wanted For Deportation (Video)

Must Know Headlines 4.26.2010


ILLEGAL Immigration

Arizona: Doing The Job The Feds Won’t Do

Obama Plays Race Card- Rallies Latinos & Blacks For 2010 Vote,
White Men Need Not Apply (Video)

 Illegal Immigrant Supporters
Smear Swastikas In Beans On Capitol Grounds In Arizona

Activists Amplify Arizona Act,
Accelerating Attrition Aftermath

Lindsey Graham’s Climate Change: How An Immigration Amnesty
May Have Cost Democrats Bipartisan Cover On Cap And Trade

Democrat-Run Government

Obama Administration Sends Mixed Message
On VAT As Fiscal Commission Prepares First Meeting

More Global Warming Profiteering By Obama Energy Official

Why No Debate On The 1,600-Page Financial Overhaul?

Republicans Defy Test Vote On Banks:
Democrats In Senate Raring To Pass New Wall Street Rules

Did An Obama National Security Advisor
Make An Anti-Semitic Joke? (UPDATE: Video!)

 Abbas Gets A White House Visit

Liberals Seek VAT To Pay For Big Gov’t

Inhofe: Cap-And-Trade Has No Chance In Senate

 As Deficit Deepens, Congress Refuses To Enact A Budget Blueprint

Democrat-Activist Media

USA Today Special Calls For More
Government Action On The Environment

Media Reality Check: 20 Years Of Advocacy, Not Journalism, On Global Warming

CNN: ‘Hundreds’ Demand Amnesty In AZ


Reuters Editor: Limbaugh’s Right About Oklahoma City Bombing Not Clinton

U.N. Environmental Abassador Builds A 20,000 Square-Foot
Home With A Six-Car Garage, An Elevator And A Lagoon

Tariq Ramadan Manages Simultaneously
To Deny And Affirm That He’s A Stealth Jihadist

Why ACORN Is Unworthy Of Our Hard-Earned Tax Dollars
And Chief Organizer’s Toilet Talk Proves Why

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