Reporting? Liberal Media Have Much More in Mind Than That

Must Know Headlines 5.17.2010


Finish The Border Fence Now

 Obama Administration Now Apologizing To
Communist China For Arizona Immigration Law

Illegal Aliens Call Drivers Licenses Unfair

 Obamacare Equals Socialism On Steroids

Comedy Central Attacks Israel, Bows To Radical Islam 

The Weaker The Case For Global Warming (AGW) Becomes,
The Louder And More Exaggerated The Threatened Effects

Barack Hussein Obama

How Obama’s Useless Nuclear Disarmament Endangers Us All

Arab Media Praises Obama For De-linking Muslims From Terror

Barack Obama’s FCC Information Police

Obama’s Faith-Based Programs
Pushing Global Warming, Climate Change, Green Issues

Democrat-Run Government

Hoyer Makes it Official – Congress Shuns Budget Duties

The Federal Fat Police: Bill Would
Require Government To Track Body Mass of American Children

Pelosi: Hey, Quit Your Job – We’ll Pay For Your Health Coverage!

Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee

Elena Kagan: Estranged From America:
Do We Really Want Another ACLU Type On The Supreme Court?

 Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee Kagan Helped
Craft Clinton Strategy For Blocking Partial-Birth Abortion Ban


Why The Reluctance To State The Obvious Truth,
That We Are Under Attack From Terrorists Motivated By A Radical Form Of Islam?

Treating Terrorism Solely As A Law Enforcement Matter
—Not Miranda—Is the Problem

Muslim Student Who Admitted
Support For Jewish Genocide Now Says, “Death To Israel”

Muhammad Cartoonist Says He’s Not Safe At Home

Democrat-Activist Media

Media Still Can’t Bring Themselves To
Call Chandra Levy Suspect An Illegal Immigrant 

 Media Often Criticize Tea Party Activism For Being Promoted From Top Down,
While Green Movement Openly Backed By Major Corporations

 Media Gives 10 Times More Conservative Labels For Alito Than Liberal Or Kagan


A Gaffetastic New Miss USA

Bangkok Ablaze In Anarchy:
Protesters’ Burning Tires Bring Traffic In Thailand’s Capital To Grinding Halt

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