Illegal Alien Charged With Murder In Colorado
Was Wanted For Deportation (Video)

Must Know Headlines 5.23.2010


For Lazy Politicians Like Obama, Holder, And Napolitano:
Audio Version Of Arizona’s Immigration Law

Daniel Pearl Was Decapitated On Video By Jihadist Muslims
In Karachi On Feb. 1, 2002—That Is What Obama Should Have Said

GOP’s Djou Wins House Election In Obama’s Hometown

White House Strategy For Midterms: BushBushBushBushBush 

U.S. Must Respond Firmly To North Korean Naval Attack

 Commanders Have Ordered A U.S. Military Unit
In Afghanistan To Patrol With Unloaded Weapons 

Cleaning Oil-Soaked Wetlands May Be Impossible, Environmentalists Silent

Dave Matthews: You Should Ride A Bike As I Take A Private Jet

 Democrat’s Out Of Control Spending

The Paygo Con: Democrats Aren’t Paying
For Any Of Their New Entitlement Spending

Financial Regulation Bill Is Socialism

 The Gathering Revolt Against Government Spending

Barack Hussein Obama

Bribing Russia, Letting Iran Off Easy

At West Point, Obama Presses For New World Order To Defeat Al Qaeda

Obama: Nation Not Defined By Our Borders

Democrat-Run Congress

Senate Democrats Pass Bill Allowing Govt
To Collect Addresses, ATM Records Of Bank Customers

Scott Brown Is Nothing More Than The Male Version
Of Olympia Snowe And Susan Collins

Chuck Schumer vs. Free Speech

Obama Administration

Senators: Obama Admin Keeps Congress In Dark On Intel

“The Obama Administration’s Benign Neglect Of Arab Christians
 Is Putting Freedoms And Human Rights In The Whole Middle East At Risk”

Hoekstra: Resignation Of Director Of National Intelligence ‘Is The Result Of
The Obama Administration’s Rampant Politicization Of National Security’

Democrat-Activist Media

Have The AP Or Denver Post Actually Read The New Texas Curriculum?

 ABC Touts Calderon’s ‘Sharp Words’ Swipe At U.S. For Inadequate Gun Laws

Media Favor Regulation, Barely Notice Failures Of Regulators


A Muslim Student’s Shocking Support For A Second Holocaust Has Prompted
 A Petition Drive To Have The Chancellor Condemn The Hate Speech

Jihadis Convert YouTube Into Terror-Recruiting Tool:
Al-Qaida Ally Posting News, Violence-Inciting Rants Online

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