Illegal Alien Charged With Murder In Colorado
Was Wanted For Deportation (Video)

Must Know Headlines 5.25.2010


Democrat Lawmaker Introduces
$165 BILLION(Taxpayer Funded) Union Pension Bailout Bill

Congress Getting Ready To Quadruple Oil Tax

Democrats Will Try To Regulate Internet Next Month

Trampling On States: Dems Ask A
Federal Judge In Virginia To Dismiss Obamacare Lawsuit

Utah: Record-Setting Late Snowfall 

Nonpartisan Proof: Cap-And-Trade Is An Economy-Killer

Jury Hands Down 1st Conviction In Newark Illegal Alien Gang Massacre

Cooked Books: The Unrealistic Assumptions
 Of Obamacare Are Steadily Getting Exposed

Red Texas Ranked As The No. 1 State For Business:
Blue States– NY, NJ, MI, CA– At Bottom Of List

A Senate Majority Comes Closer 

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama Seeks Veto Power He Blocked Bush From Getting

Afghanistan: Obama’s New Strategy To Kill Our Soldiers

Obama’s Nominee To Run Medicare: ‘The Decision Is Not Whether Or Not We Will
Ration Care–The Decision Is Whether We Will Ration Care With Our Eyes Open’

Democrat-Run Government

Financial Reform Bill Is A ‘Disaster’

Obama’s Faith-Based Initiative Act To Merge EPA With Churches

 Is Arizona’s Immigration Law Being Put on ICE?–
What Was That About Faithfully Executing The Laws Of The United States?

Dick Morris: Sestak Bribery Scandal Is Impeachable Offense

 Congress Has Done Next To Nothing To Protect The U.S. From An EMP Attack


 Ignorance About Islamic Radicalism Is Our Downfall

Radical Islamic Terrorists And America’s Immigration Crisis

Taxpayer Funded Terrorism

Mexico’s LIAR, Hypocrite President

Calderon Didn’t Just Lie About Arizona’s Immigration Law:
He Fibbed About Assault Weapons Too

Go Back To Mexico, Calderon!

Democrat-Activist Media

National Media Require No Evidence To Spread
Adultery Story Against Palin-Endorsed GOP Woman

ABC Runs Hit On Climate Change Skeptics,
Attempts To Align Them With White Supremacists

SEIU, HuffPo And Media Matters: Is An Unholy Alliance About To Unravel?


 Muslim Student Attempts To Physically Assault Me For Defending Jews:
What Will University Administrators Do About It?

Support The State Of Israel: Why Don’t  Jews Do This?

Apple Removes App Showing “Violent And Hateful Passages From The Qur’an”;
Anti-Christian App Still On Sale

The Industry That Cowers Before
Muhammad Brings Us The Comedy ‘Sweet Baby Jesus’


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