16 States Using Voting Machines From George Soros-Linked Company

Must Know Headlines 5.26.2010


Private Pay Shrinks To Historic Lows As Taxpayer Funded Gov’t Payouts Rise

 Golf Over Gulf:
 Obama Has Been Disengaged From The Gulf Oil Spill Disaster

Iran And North Korea March To War

Meddling Mexico Dictates How U.S. Should Use Its National Guard

Fawning Press Now Gets Cold Shoulder From Obama

White House Looks To Shift Spill Blame To Cheney

Hizballah Threatens To Target
“Military, Civilian And Commercial Ships” Heading To Israel

Shame On All Who Stood Silent:
Iran Voted In As Member of UN Women’s Rights Commission

Illegals And The Election

America’s Communist Like Federal Government

Obama Names Rationing Czar To Run Medicare

DOJ Lawyers Draft Challenge To AZ Law

Perry: EPA Action On Permits A Federal Power Grab

Routine Tax Extenders Package
Contains New Irresponsible Spending And Tax Hikes

The Kerry-Lieberman Bill Will Cause American Layoffs

Barack Hussein Obama: The Great Divider

Obama Offers $1.3B To ‘Latino Farmers’

Obama Praises “Los Suns” Jersey Protest During TNT NBA Interview

 Big Labor’s Payoff

As Crises Mount Abroad And Voter Anger Grows At Home,
Obama’s Dream Of A New World Order Has Died A Quiet Death

Sestak White House Scandal Called ‘Impeachable Offense’ 

Famed War Hero Speaks Out Against Obama Decision To End ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

Democrat-Activist Media

Weirdo Behar Suggests Arizona Like Nazi Germany
For Requiring Teachers To Speak English Well

She’s A Liberal Jew And She Can’t Manage To Defend Israel

Nets Dig Out ‘Plug The Damn Hole’ Quote
To Buck Up ‘Frustrated’ Obama’s Credibility On Oil Spill

ABC’s Jake Tapper Bans “Obamacare” From His Blog


 ‘Machete’ Script Is The Cutting Edge Of Racial Hatred

Vitter: Democrats Are Playing To The Cameras, Not Fighting Oil Spill



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