Illegal Alien Charged With Murder In Colorado
Was Wanted For Deportation (Video)

Must Know Headlines 5.29.2010


House Of Reps Has Voted To More Than Quadruple A Per-Barrel Oil Tax

Bloggers Beware – They’re Coming After You With DISCLOSE Act (HR 5175)

Key Senate Committee Rejects
Obama Request For Alternate Gitmo Prison In America

Obama Mocks Palin: “You Never Heard Me Say Drill, Baby, Drill

Palin: “Passing The Buck Doesn’t Plug The D#*! Hole”

Senate Takes Recess, Leaving Angry Doctors Without Medicare Payment Fix

(Video) Pelosi Blames Bush For Lax Offshore Drilling Oversight

National Security Under Obama And DEMOcrats

More U.S. Military Deaths In The Last 10 Months 
 Of The Afghan War Than In The First Five Years Of Conflict Under Bush

 Obama’s So Proud Of His New National Security Strategy
That The White House Released It On The Eve Of A Holiday Weekend

Al-Shabaab Jihadist May Be Trying To Enter
U.S. Through Mexican Border, Obama Stands With ILLEGALS

Obama’s Top Counterterror Adviser’s
Inability To Think Outside The Box Bodes Disaster

95 Percent Of The Gitmo Detainees Have Strong Terror Connections 

Democrat Spending

Democratic Socialism: They Have Run Out Of Other People’s Money

Senate Considers Union Pension Bailout

Bachmann Blasts House Democrats For Voting To Allow Another Federal Pay Raise 

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama’s Master Plan: Targeting And Eliminating The Dissenters

Does Obama Hate Black People?

The President’s Memorial Daze


White House Used Clinton To Offer Post As
 Incentive For Sestak To Drop Out Of Pa. Senate Race

Now We Know Why Clinton And Obama Had Lunch on Thursday–
Clinton Takes The Fall On Sestak After Lunch With Obama

Sestak Was Ineligible For Job Clinton Offered 

Sestak Scandal Grows…And Still Stinks

Did Obama Lose A Vote For Kagan By Stiffing Specter?  

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