Mom Whose Daughter Was 'Brutally Murdered' By Illegal Has
Message For Dem Gov Ignoring Trump's Immigration Order

Must Know Headlines 6.6.2010


 Democrats’ Message To Send To Voters: It’s Really Not As Bad As It Used To Be 

Government Created 10x More Jobs Than Private Sector In May 

Harvard Study Shows Earmarks Cost Jobs

Irony Alert: Debt Commission Is Running Out Of Money 

 National Healthcare In UK: Cutting Millions Of Operations To Control Costs 

Immigration Law Supporters Rally At Arizona Capitol  

Israel, Turkey, And The End Of Stability

Israeli And Kurdish Victims Of Turkey 

Why Are Jews Liberals? 

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama’s Deal Making Exposes His Political Manipulation 

Obama’s Misguided Border Response:
The President’s Border Plan Is A Waste Of Money And Won’t Work

Does Obama Believe All Students Are Created Equal? 

It’s Tragic That Obama’s Failure To Stand With Our
Only Democratic Ally In The Middle East Is Leading Us All Closer To War

Obama, Extremist Cronies Dragged Into Light For World To See


Idiot Leftist Jews Hold Massive Pro-Gaza Flotilla Rally in Tel Aviv (Video) 

Recovered Images Of Jihad Flotilla Genocidal Attack, Beaten And Bloody 

Iran: Former Parliament Speaker
Says Jihad Flotilla “The Beginning Of The End For Israel”

Turkish PM May Try To Visit Gaza To Break Blockade 

 The Gaza Flotilla Incident: U.N. Inquiry Will Be An Anti-Israel Farce 

Turkish Group Behind Gaza Flotilla Has Suspect Links, History  


 Michele Bachmann: Fire Helen Thomas  

‘Forbes On Fox’ Panel Argues For Detonating Nukes To Plug Oil Spill 

Feds Arrest 2 NJ Men Headed To Terror Camps 

The Religious Left Upholds The Tradition Of –Condemn Israel First– 

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