Illegal Alien Charged With Murder In Colorado
Was Wanted For Deportation (Video)

Must Know Headlines 6.9.2010


Israel’s Ambassador To US: “Turkey Has Embraced The Leaders Of Iran
And Hamas, All Of Whom Called For Israel’s Destruction”

Ladies Night: GOP Women Win Big In Primary Races Across Nation

Pelosi Wants Spill Bill By August Recess

Climate Alarmism Takes Off In A New Direction–
Grab Your Pocketbook

White House Official: ‘Organized Labor Just Flushed $10 Million Down The Toilet’

Memo To Liberal Media: Rush & Elton John Agree On Same-Sex Marriage

Hollywood Jews Ignore Israel

Out Of Control Spending

Census Costs Skyrocket 325% Versus 2000

 Everyone Must Sacrifice… Obamas Spend
$10 Million Of Taxpayer Money On Drunken White House Parties

 U.S Debt To Rise To $19.6 Trillion By 2015

 U.S. Embraces Model That’s Failed Europe

 Annual Federal Deficit Will Hit $1 Trillion This Month–
With 3-Plus Months To Go In Fiscal Year

Yes, Mr. President, You Can Cut Spending

Gulf Oil Crisis

Criminal Probe May Cripple Response To Gulf Crisis

Market Analyst: ‘BP’s Not Going To Last
As A Company More Than A Matter of Months’ 

 BP’s Endless Nightmare In The Gulf

Barack Hussein Obama

Video: Obama Can’t Explain Why He Hasn’t Spoken To BP’s CEO

Obama’s Slick Waterloo: Incompetence, Failure, Destruction
“Whose Ass To Kick?”

Barack Obama’s Total Eclipse for America: As Mark Twain
Would Have Understood, He’s Taking Us Back To The 6th Century

Democrat-Activist Media

Network News Programs Still Bashing Israel Over Flotilla Incident 

HuffPo Column Is A Microcosm Of The Liberal Mindset –
EVERYTHING Is Bush’s Fault

NBC Leads By Touting Obama Showing ‘Anger’ By Promising To ‘Kick Ass’


Illinois’ Phil Hare Is The Latest Democratic Candidate
To Embellish His Military Service Record

Charlie Crist Removes Pro-Life Message From Web Site

Teens Face Worst Summer Job Market In 41 Years

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