Must Know Headlines 6.12.2010


Meet The Neo-Marxist Behind Obama
FTC’s Campaign For ‘Reinventing Journalism”

 Senate Gives EPA Control Over
Every Aspect Of The American Economy And Our Lives

When You Watch The Videos Of What Border Patrol Agents Have To Put Up With
Every Day, You Wonder Why More Rock-Throwers Are Not Shot

Less Regulation, Not More, Would Have Saved Us–What Could Have Been An
Effective High-Tech Method To Remediate Spills Was Killed By Federal Regulators 

Saudi Arabia Gives Israel Clear Skies To Attack Iranian Nuclear Sites

Obama To Send $400 Million To Hamas Via Gaza

U.N. Sanctions On Iran: Far From Crippling 

Boehner: Dems Busy With ‘Backroom Deals’ So They Don’t Have To Pass Budget 

Arizona Governor To Illegals:
If Your Child Is A U.S. Citizen, Take Him Back Home With You

Oil Spill

Oil Boom Manufacturer: We Notified Government
4 WEEKS AGO That We Have Product (Video)

 Experts Say White House ‘Misrepresented’ Views to Justify Drilling Moratorium

Are Unions Impeding Oil Cleanup Efforts In The Gulf Of Mexico?

Democrat-Run Government

Panel Commissioned By Democrat 
Barney Frank Recommends Nearly $1Trillion In Defense Cuts

Obama Administration To Support Anti-Israel Resolution At UN Next Week

Team Obama Fudged Report To Push Their Oil Drilling Moratorium 

Kagan Role In Clinton Sex Harassment Suit Withheld  

Obama Rep Silent As Syria
Promotes Blood Libel Against Israel At UN Human Rights Council

Barack Hussein Obama

Why Does Obama Insist On One Failed Stimulus After Another?

Obama’s Appeals Court Nominee Sent To Full Senate
With Record of Leniency For Sex Offenders, Serial Killer

Democrat-Activist Media

Time Says Oil Spill Is Everyone’s Fault But Big Government

Bill Maher Wants A “Real Black” President To Deal With BP 

“NBC’s Mitchell Scolds Big Labor For Daring To ‘Embarrass’ White House


 Jindal Is A Leader; Obama Is An Underachiever 

Afghanistan: Child Bride Flogged For Running Away From Forced Marriage

 In Criticizing Arizona’s New Immigration Law, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck
 Speaks On Behalf Of The Man Who Appointed Him, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

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