Mom Whose Daughter Was 'Brutally Murdered' By Illegal Has
Message For Dem Gov Ignoring Trump's Immigration Order

Must Know Headlines 7.4.2010


White House Enacts Rules Inhibiting Media From Covering Oil Spill

NEW RULES: As Long As Obama Is President,
Top Military Officials Need Clearance To Speak To Media

Congressional Report Claims Obama Administration
Misled About Efforts On Oil Spill

Obama: Let’s Spend $2 Billion To Create 5100 Jobs 

Byrd Tributes Go Overboard

Losing The Republic

4th Of July

Why We Celebrate The Fourth

Independence Day 2010: Happy 234th Birthday, America

 The Moral And Political Genius Of The Declaration Of Independence

 Today Marks America’s Birthday, But As The Recent Travails Of Justice Dept.
Whistleblower J. Christian Adams Illustrates, It’s Not An Entirely Happy Event

Barack Hussein Obama

NASA Chief: Obama Wanted Me To “Make Muslims Feel Good”
About Their Nonexistent Contributions

 Why Obama Can’t Plug That Damn Hole:
During A Crisis Obama Shows He Isn’t A Leader

Obama Plays Election-Year Politics On Immigration

It’s Payback Time: The Obama Economy Is A Purposeful Disaster

Democrat-Run Government

Dems Refuse Compromise To Extend
 Unemployment Benefits, Go On Vacation 

WH Salary List Leaves Out Some Czars

Missing: $1.3 Billion In Taxpayers’ Money
Abortion Provider Cannot Account For Federal Grants

PA Dem Won’t Do Townhalls With “Nuts”

 Holder’s Black Panther Shame

The Cowardice Of Not Calling Them Enemies

Democrat-Activist Media

 125,000 Jobs Lost in June, Media Still Ignore Failure of Stimulus

CNN Blogger: NYC Students Should Be
Required To Miss School For Muslim Holidays

 Media Defend Obama’s Call For More Spending, Despite G-20 ‘Rift’


California Paints Over Popular 9/11 Memorial

Indonesian Islamic Supremacists Persecute Christians:
“We Are Doing This Because We Want To Strike Fear In The Hearts Of Christians”

REVIEW: ‘The Kids Are All Right’ Tells Us We Don’t Need Fathers


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