Must Know Headlines 7.10.2010


Appeals Court Slaps Down WH Drilling Ban 

Obamacare At Three Months 

An Ex-KGB Agent Sheds Disturbing Light On The Russian Spy Case 

Congressional Candidate Vijay Kumar:

Mexican-Born Senate Seeker Wants Obama Birth Certificate Treatment:
‘If I Didn’t Prove Citizenship, I’d Be Removed From The Ballot’

New Black Panther Party

New Black Panther President Praises Bin Laden 

New Black Panther Party President Admits To Philadelphia Voter Intimidation;
Holder’s Justice Department Still Silent

Video: New Black Panthers Grateful To Holder For ‘Payback Time’   

Whitewashing Black Racism; Shabazz: “Prepare For War” 

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama Appointee:  ‘Never Bring Another Lawsuit Against A Black’ 

Mo Dems Can’t Sell Tickets To See Obama; Cut Price In Half 

Paul: Obama Jabs At BP Could Harm Spill Cleanup 

Democrat-Controlled Government

Democrats Hiding The Financial Mess They Created 

Financial Regulatory Bill Gives Feds Power To Subpoena Any Record From
Any Financial Institution Without Establishing Any Probable Cause

 Report: Federal ‘Silent Raids’ Lead To Firings, Not Deportations 

Democrat-Activist Media

The Hardball Gang Doesn’t Like To Hear The Truth About Obama 

CNN’s Rick Sanchez: Conservative Talk Show Hosts Are Uneducated 

 NBC Provides First Evening News Broadcast Coverage
Of Medicare Czar’s Recess Appointment – For 35 Seconds


U.S. Citizen, Al-Qaeda Op, Charged In NYC Subway Jihad Bomb Plot 

 Family Guy’s ‘Down Syndrome Girl’ Song Gets Emmy Nod  

The Mad Rush To Build The Ground Zero Mega-Mosque 


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