15 Fake News Stories Since Trump Won POTUS

Must Know Headlines 7.13.2010


Team Obama Turns Blind Eye To Voter Intimidation

Most Transparent Administration Ever
Makes Effective Reporting From Gulf A Felony

 Obama Institutes Offshore Drilling Moratorium … Again

Obama Regime Sets Up To Dump Disaster On GOP Congress In 2011

The Obama Administration Is Changing
Its Language To Absolve Islam Of Terror Blame

Experts to Obama: You Can’t Ignore The Islamic Ideology Behind Terrorism

Missing Iran Nuclear Scientist Found In U.S.

Ethnic Conflict In The US

NAACP Leftists Claim “Hardcore White Supremists”
Are Behind Tea Party Movement

We Will Not Be Silenced! St. Louis Tea Party
Passes Resolution Condemning NAACP Racism

 Liberals Crash Tea Party, But Stay Silent On Black Panther Hate Talk 

Blackout: Media Continue To Bash Tea Party, Ignore New Black Panthers

Obama Appointee In Black Panther Case Must Answer For Failure

White People Tax Goes Into Effect, Will Kill Jobs

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama Is Suing America And The American People

White House: ‘Vitally Important’ For Berwick–HEALTHCARE RATIONER– 
To Assume Medicare Job, Given Health Care Challenges

Obama’s Crazy Quilt Federalism

Under Obama, The Business Of America Is Government

Democrat-Run Government

Democrats Clinch Support Of Republicans Brown And Snowe,
Ensuring a Filibuster-Proof Vote On The Overhaul Legislation

Democrats Battle Anti-Business Charges With A $30B Credit Fund

The 5 Biggest Threats To America’s Future Success

 There Is No Free Lunch — And The Biggest Price Of All Is Paid By The Unemployed

Democrat-Activist Media

CBS’s Schieffer Interviews Eric Holder, Ignores Black Panther Case

Washington Post Bemoans: BP Crisis Is Being Wasted!

New Immigration Law Causing Illegals To Leave Arizona NBC Reporter Discovers

Media Applaud Teen Abortion On ‘Friday Night Lights’


 Detroit Muslims Mourn Terrorist Cleric

4 Christians Arraigned On “Misdemeanor Charges”
For Handing Out Leaflets At Muslim Festival

Conservative And Latino

 Chavez Provides Fertile Soil For Hezbollah, Hamas, al-Qaeda

 The End Of Britian As We Know It


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