Illegal Alien Charged With Murder In Colorado
Was Wanted For Deportation (Video)

Must Know Headlines 7.25.2010


U.N. Threatens Second And First Amendments :
One-Worlders Are Going After Your Guns

Defense Is The Only Part Of The Budget Democrats Seem To Want To Cut

Obama Wants To Cut  $2 Billion From An Anti-Bioterrorism Program

White House Confirms Continued Trillion-Dollar Budget Deficits

Geithner: We’ve Been Living Beyond Our Means,
But Irresponsible Spending Has Fixed The Economy

DISCLOSE Act Assault On First Amendment Continues

Drastic Change In Works To Revamp Whole Electoral College

‘Screw The Unemployed, We’re Having A Fundraiser!’

National Security

Obama’s Pick For Immigration Enforcement Supports Sanctuary Cities

Invasion: Gangs, Gun Battles At Tex-Mex Border;
Updated: No US Ranch Seizures, 51 Bodies Discovered In Monterrey

Without Border Security There Is No
Homeland Security And There Is No National Security

Democrat-Activist Media

From JournoList To Shirley Sherrod: The Left’s Default Response Is Fascism

The JournoList Emails Reveal An Open Conspiracy
To Advance The Progressive Agenda Through The Media

Obama Journolist Operative Invited Other Journolistas To White House

CNN Panelist To Tea Party:
‘We Don’t Think You’re Racist, We Think Your Ideology Is Racism’

Reuters: Racist Images ‘Often Displayed At Tea Party Rallies’

Kyra Phillips On CNN Asks If Something
Needs To Be Done ‘Legally’ About ‘Anonymous Bloggers’

MSNBC’s Brewer Laments After Everything
President Obama Has Done, ‘What Else Do People Want?’

  Democrat Controlled Government

Kerry Dodges $500,00 In Taxes On His New Boat

 Kerry Predicts ‘Ice-Free Arctic’ In ‘5 Or 10 Years’

Donald Berwick And The Anti-Israelis

Rep. Charles Rangel Needs To Keep
Running For Office To Pay Off Mounting Legal Debt


Sharia In New Jersey: Muslim Husband Rapes Wife,
Judge Sees No Sexual Assault Because Islam Forbids Wives To Refuse Sex

 Man Who Threatened ‘South Park’ Arrested In Terrorist Case




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