15 Fake News Stories Since Trump Won POTUS

Must Know Headlines 8.1.2010


Will Washington’s Failures Lead To Second American Revolution?

 We’re The Ones Who Allowed Anti-Americans To Take Over America

New Iranian Protest Anthem– Hey Ayatollah, Leave Those Kids Alone

Unidentified Reporter Admits
‘There Is Total Control’ Of News About Drug Violence At The Border

ILLEGAL Immigration: America
Controls Them Or They Controls US

Mexican Drug Cartel Allegedly Puts a Price On Arizona Sheriff’s Head

 AZ’s Appeal Delayed Until After Elections

 Timing Of National Guard’s Deployment
To Southwest Border Stirs Confusion, Anger

What The ‘Amnesty Memo’ Means

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama, Who Ended D.C.’s Voucher Program, Talks
About Improving Education For Children ‘Born In The Wrong Neighborhood’

According To Obama, Blacks Are “A Mongrel People”

Obama’s Student-Loan Takeover 

Obama’s Weak Foreign Policy Shows Again

Democrat-Controlled Government

2010 Census Is Built On Incomplete And Inaccurate Information

Obama, Congress Create Another Bailout Fund

Dems Won’t Repeal 1099 Provision In ObamaCare:
Paperwork Nightmare For Nearly 40 Million Businesses

 D.C.’s Race Quota Job Boom

Democrat Proposal Would ‘Virtually Eliminate’
Citizens’ Right To Decide Referendums

 The U.S. Gov. (Notably Jimmy Carter And Co), With Help Of Its Allied Forces,
Created The Greatest Islamic Terrorist Nation On The Face Of The Earth

 Democrat-Activist Media

Maureen Dowd And The Left: All Race, All the Time

Anderson Cooper: I Should Have Challenged Sherrod….
But I Didn’t And I Won’t Because I Am A Flaming Democrat

 AP Cites Discredited NOAA Bureaucrat to Push Global Warming Alarmism Report


University Lecturer Barred From Class After Refusing To Wear A Burqa

 Hamas-Linked Muslim Brotherhood Front Group
Sponsoring Interfaith Events At Boy Scouts National Jamboree

Wikisteria: Don’t Take Anti-War Bait









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