Must Know Headlines 8.5.2010


Imaginary Savings Used To Justify $26-Billion In Spending

Democracy Defeated– District Judge Vaughn Walker
Strikes Down The Will Of Californians On Proposition 8

Missouri Rejected The Federal Mandate To Buy Health Insurance

McDonnell Pursues Deal To Give
Virginia Troopers Immigration Enforcement Power

Islamic Supremacism: NYPD Detective Denied Entry Into Harlem Mosque

ILLEGAL Immigration

 Tea Party Seeks To Spotlight ‘Horrors’ Of Illegal Immigration

Illogical Immigration: Once A Federal Law Is
Arbitrarily Not Enforced, All Sorts Of Bizarre Paradoxes Arise 

Justice Brennan’s Footnote Gave Us Anchor Babies

Democrat-Controlled Government

Democrats: Say, Let’s Exempt Rich People In Blue States From Tax Hike!

 Stark: Denying Illegals Jobs – Is Illegal

Justice Department Steers Money To Favored Groups

‘Administrative Alternatives’ = Stealth Amnesty

 Mad Maxine’s Minority Fat-Cat Bankers

Shirley Sherrod May Prefer The Life Left Unexamined

Government Motors

GM Announces Major Investment In Auto Plant (In Mexico) 

 Electric Sticker Shock

GM Donates $41,000 To Lawmakers’ Pet Projects

Democrat-Activist Media

Networks Ignore Missouri Voters’ Rejection Of ObamaCare,
Instead Celebrate Obama’s Birthday

Journalists Still Hiding Obama’s Broken Promises On Jobs  

Why Did The Media Rip Mel Gibson
For Anti-Semitic Statements, And Not Oliver Stone?

CNN’s Bad News For Obama: 6 Of 10 Doubt U.S. Birth Story

As Obama Affirms End To Combat In Iraq,
Only ABC Credits Troop Surge That Obama Opposed

Dana Milbank Owes Glenn Beck An Apology And WaPo Readers A Correction

Ground Zero Mosque

Media Mum On Ground Zero Mosque Imam’s Terror Ties, ‘Blame America’ Talk

Where Is The Islamic Supremacist Mega-Mosque Getting Its Money?

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama Slogan: I Have What It Takes to Take What You’ve Got 

 Obama Courts Wealthy Donors


China Holds More Military Exercises Amid Tensions With U.S.

 Lockerbie Bomber Living Large In Libya

Islamic Supremacist Thug Nihad Awad Of Hamas-Linked CAIR Exposed On Fox



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