Mom Whose Daughter Was 'Brutally Murdered' By Illegal Has
Message For Dem Gov Ignoring Trump's Immigration Order

Must Know Headlines 8.16.2010


Obamas Plan Fifth Vacation Since July

Eagleburger: World’s Going to War Over Iranian Nukes

 Banks To Benefit Most From White House Program To Help Fight Foreclosures  

Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton Must Investigate Imam Feisel Abdul Rauf  

Taliban’s Chilling Hunt & Slaughter:
Pak-Trained Killers ‘Used Facebook’ To Track Aid Group

Border Bill Only A ‘Small Step’ Toward Improved Security, Experts Say

Amnesty Means Massive Medicaid Costs  

Sunday Funnies: Obama Brings His Teleprompter On Vacation

Are Black Voters Delusional Over Obama?  

Barack Hussein Obama

Scathing Congress Report Slams Obama’s ‘Covert, Criminal Activity:’
President Charged With Illegally Using Taxpayer Money To Manipulate Public

Obama Wraps Up Short Gulf Trip, Ready To Hit Road For Fundraising

Obama To Trek To Hollywood Amid Worries Of Loss Of Dem Control

Obama Gets Rid Of Ethics Czar  

Why Does Our President Find It Necessary To Be An Apologist For Islam?

Memo To Obama: Hensarling Already
 Has Fannie/Freddie Reform Bill In Congress

Ground Zero Mosque

“We Have To Build Everywhere”: Hamas Joins Hamas-Linked CAIR
In Crowing Over Ground Zero Mega-Mosque

Here’s Why It’s Called The ‘Ground Zero Mosque’

Why The Islamists Want The Burlington Coat Factory Building
— And Only That Building — As The Site Of Their Triumphalist Mosque

Democrat-Activist Media

Media Says Obama Went Swimming in Gulf… He Didn’t  

AP Writers Package Months-Old Polling Data As Currently Relevant News

For Liberals, Deception Is An Important Tactic   


Desperate Democrats: The Only Strategy They Have Left Is Personal Attacks  

Harvard Whores For Jihad: Harvard University Fund Sells All Israel Holdings   




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