9 Killed, 55 Shot In Chicago — 33 In One Day,
Marking Worst Day Of Shootings In A Year

Must Know Headlines 8.25.2010


Iraqis Say ‘Wrong Time’ For US Withdrawal

 Imam Rauf Boasts That He Wrote Obama’s Muslim Speech In Cairo

Feds Moving To Dismiss Some Deportation Cases:
Critics Assail The Plan As A Bid To Create A Kind Of Backdoor ‘Amnesty’

Most US Marines Don’t Want Gay Roommates

The Real Radio Hatemongers :
Left-Wing Radio Hosts’ Track Record of Vile and Vicious Rhetoric

Reuters Poll: Most Want To Keep Bush Tax Cuts

Ground Zero Mosque

New York’s Top Democrat Legislator: Move The Mosque

GZ Imam Rauf Is Not A Moderate

Ground Zero Imam Linked To Radical Mosque:
Imam Rauf On Board Of Mosque Where Leaders Blamed Jews For 9/11

Media Bias On That Mosqued Man

Supporters Of The Ground Zero Mosque Devise A Dubious New Line Of Attack

Pelosi Calls For Crackdown On Dissent

Barack Hussein Obama

Boehner To Obama: Fire Geithner, Summers, Your Entire Economic Team

Black Leaders Express Dissatisfaction With Obama’s Attitude Toward Black Issues 

 Tennessee Football Coach Says He Was Fired For Recording Anti-Obama Song

Democrat-Controlled Government

Obama Justice Dept. Argued In Favor Of Using Race As
 A Relevant Factor Among Others To Justify Immigration Stops

SC Senate Candidate Alvin Greene and “Staffer” Accuse Dems of Racism

Senators Exaggerate Number Of Teachers’ Jobs In Jeopardy

Democrat-Activist Media

Huffington Post Makes Up Story: Supports Honor Killings

Chris Matthews’ Latest Verbal Blunder

Shirley Sherrod Rejects Return To USDA;
Media Rejects Reporting Relevant Info


Teachers Drop The Holocaust To Avoid Offending Muslims

 Islamic Supremacists Serve Hindus Beef In Pakistan Flood Camps

IG Report Confirms: Recovery Act ‘Propaganda’ Signs Were Required




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