Illegal Alien Charged With Murder In Colorado
Was Wanted For Deportation (Video)

Must Know Headlines 8.25.2010


Iraqis Say ‘Wrong Time’ For US Withdrawal

 Imam Rauf Boasts That He Wrote Obama’s Muslim Speech In Cairo

Feds Moving To Dismiss Some Deportation Cases:
Critics Assail The Plan As A Bid To Create A Kind Of Backdoor ‘Amnesty’

Most US Marines Don’t Want Gay Roommates

The Real Radio Hatemongers :
Left-Wing Radio Hosts’ Track Record of Vile and Vicious Rhetoric

Reuters Poll: Most Want To Keep Bush Tax Cuts

Ground Zero Mosque

New York’s Top Democrat Legislator: Move The Mosque

GZ Imam Rauf Is Not A Moderate

Ground Zero Imam Linked To Radical Mosque:
Imam Rauf On Board Of Mosque Where Leaders Blamed Jews For 9/11

Media Bias On That Mosqued Man

Supporters Of The Ground Zero Mosque Devise A Dubious New Line Of Attack

Pelosi Calls For Crackdown On Dissent

Barack Hussein Obama

Boehner To Obama: Fire Geithner, Summers, Your Entire Economic Team

Black Leaders Express Dissatisfaction With Obama’s Attitude Toward Black Issues 

 Tennessee Football Coach Says He Was Fired For Recording Anti-Obama Song

Democrat-Controlled Government

Obama Justice Dept. Argued In Favor Of Using Race As
 A Relevant Factor Among Others To Justify Immigration Stops

SC Senate Candidate Alvin Greene and “Staffer” Accuse Dems of Racism

Senators Exaggerate Number Of Teachers’ Jobs In Jeopardy

Democrat-Activist Media

Huffington Post Makes Up Story: Supports Honor Killings

Chris Matthews’ Latest Verbal Blunder

Shirley Sherrod Rejects Return To USDA;
Media Rejects Reporting Relevant Info


Teachers Drop The Holocaust To Avoid Offending Muslims

 Islamic Supremacists Serve Hindus Beef In Pakistan Flood Camps

IG Report Confirms: Recovery Act ‘Propaganda’ Signs Were Required




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