Illegal Alien Charged With Murder In Colorado
Was Wanted For Deportation (Video)

Must Know Headlines 9.01.2010


Ground Zero Mosque Imam Rauf: “In A True Peace, Israel Will, In Our Lifetimes,
Become One More Arab Country, With A Jewish Minority”

Top Economist Warns Congress: Passing Pair Of Union-Backed Bills
Would Create a ‘Ponzi Scheme As Bad As Bernie Madoff’

Can’t Blame War For Spike In Deficit

“Muslims Want To Take The U.S. Down.
Believe Me, We Can Do It With Our Regular Muslims Here”

No Surprise Holder Behind Suspension Of USS Cole Bomber Case 

First Rule Of Obamacare Club Is: You Do Not Talk About Obamacare Club

Desperate Greens Make Desperate Claims 

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama Disdains America 

Obama Turns Page, Treats Iraq As A Distraction

McCain On Obama’s Speech: I’m Not Surprised
He Didn’t Thank Bush, That’s Just Not In His DNA (Video) 

 Obama Should Not Abandon What’s Been
Won In Iraq Simply Because It’s “Bush’s War”

General: Obama Records ‘Critical’ To ‘Our Republic’

More Iraqis Approved Of U.S Leadership Under Bush Than Obama, Says Gallup Poll

Democrat-Activist Media

Chris Matthews – ‘Obama is Almost Perfect’;
Joan Walsh – ‘He’s the American Dream’

The Media-Al Sharpton Love Affair: What’s Up With That?

On Hardball: It’s The Year Of The Woman
But It’s Not the ‘Compassionate’ Woman We Like

Rand Paul Battles Media Blitz While
Opponent Jack Conway Remains Unscrutinized


 Republicans Start Embracing Paul Ryan’s “Roadmap”

Donations To Defend Ariz. Immigration Law Top $2M 

  NY Gives Illegals Worker Rights, Overtime

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