16 States Using Voting Machines From George Soros-Linked Company

Must Know Headlines 9.5.2010


President’s Socialist Takeover Must Be Stopped

Michigan Democrats Told Their Fake Tea Party Is Illegal  

Speaker Pelosi: Stand Up For Muslim Women, Not Islamists Like Rauf! 

Obama’s White House Budget Director
Peter Orszag Signs On As A New York Times Op/Ed Columnist

Muslims Practice Reverse Assimilation,
Pushing For Sharia Law In The United States

States Join Legal Brief Supporting Ariz. Immigration
 Law As Donations Roll Into Gov. Brewer’s Defense Fund

Ground Zero Mosque

Paris Video Shows The Future of Ground Zero 

Mosque Investor Contributed To Terrorist Organization 

 Ground Zero Mega-Mosque Building Owners Nixed
$18M Offer Before Taking Islamic Supremacists’ $4.8M One

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama Can’t Regulate His Way Out Of This Recession 

Obama Spending Labor Day With Real Thugs  

The Obama Budget: Expanding Welfare, Undermining Marriage 

President Obama’s New Rug Incorrectly
 Attributes Quote To Martin Luther King Jr.

Democrat-Activist Media

Media Companies Made Millions From BP Oil Spill 

CNN’s ‘Glass One-Quarter Full’ Spin: Emphasize Private Job Gains 

To Letterman’s Irritation, Trump Denounces Ground Zero Mosque As
‘Insensitive,’ ‘Somebody Knocked Down The World Trade Center’

TIME: Rising Unemployment Rate Is Good News  

The Moral Blindness Of PBS: Why Travis Smiley Thinks
Violent Whites Of Christian Heritage Are No Different Than Jihadists

Eugene Robinson: These Spoiled-Brat Voters
Are Having Quite The Temper Tantrum, Aren’t They?

Democrat-Controlled Government

Obama-Pelosi Economic Plan Resulted In Record 7.5 Million Jobs Deficit 

Harry Reid Campaign: Saying ‘War Is Lost’ Helped Win The War

Chief White House Economic Advisor Admits
Her Forecast on Unemployment Was ‘So Far Off’


US Taxpayers Likely To Lose On GM’s IPO 





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