Illegal Alien Charged With Murder In Colorado
Was Wanted For Deportation (Video)

Must Know Headlines 9.8.2010


Obama Offers Stimulus To Stimulate Democrats

IED Detectors Near Brink In Pentagon Budget

America Was Built By Rugged Individualists Who’d Reject Obama 

The Heavy-Handed Message Of ‘Machete’:
Illegal Immigrants Depicted As The Victims Of  Laws That ‘Don’t Offer Justice’

Islam In The US

 FBI Data: Hate Crimes Against Muslims Rare

Separation Of Mosque And State?
City Council Meetings To Begin With Muslim Prayers 

U.S. College Pushes Anti-American, Pro-Islam Book

Radical Ground Zero Mosque Imam Rauf Gives NYers,
911 Families, And America The Big Middle Finger

Burning the Koran:
Islamic Blasphemy Versus Free Speech

Radical Indonesian Muslims Threaten
Global Jihad If Koran Is Burned In Florida

Democrat Controlled Government

 Chris Dodd’s Last Act: ‘Control The People’

Obama Sinkhole Recipe: Hey, Let’s Create A New,
 Government-Run Infrastructure Bank!

Debunking Orszag’s Tax Hike Myths 

W.H. Still Seeks To End Tax Cuts

Arizona Sheriff At The Top Of The Administration’s Enemies List

Boxer Tied To Dubious Waters Cash-For-Endorsement Scheme

Barack Hussein Obama

 Michelle Obama Hosts First White House Dance Event

Obama Brags About How Hard He Works In Labor Day Speech

Obama’s New Stimulus Schemes: Same Bad Song

Our President Is More Comfortable Cozying Up
With Pro-Terror Activists Than Pro-Military Groups

Obama Says Jobs Are Coming, But His Team Says Not So Fast

Obama’s Foreign Policy Failures

Democrat-Activist Media

Katie Couric Marks Four Years At CBS;
 MRC Presents Her 40 Most Biased Quotes

Audio: Daily Kos Founder Says American Right Wing
 Would Behead If They Could

 The Decline And Fall Of Time Magazine: This Week’s Anti-Semitic Cover

Is Time Magazine Judeophobic?

Chris Matthews: I Don’t Care What The Polls Say,
 I Still Get A Thrill Up My Leg From Obama 

AP Features Hamas-Linked CAIR Wringing Its Hands Over “Intolerance”
Against Muslims, Ignores Real Threats To Anti-Jihadists  

AP Item On Judge’s Embryonic Stem Cell Action
Mostly Avoids Naming Adult Cells, Dodges Efficacy Issues


Woman Who Faces Stoning May Be Lashed

Fiscal Relief Through Immigration Enforcement






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