Illegal Alien Charged With Murder In Colorado
Was Wanted For Deportation (Video)

Must Know Headlines 9.21.2010


Hypocritical Mexico Is Now Building Their
Own Wall On Border With Guatemala…Press Ignores

Survey Shows Arabs More Opposed To GZ Mosque Than American Media

Sami Samir Hassoun Plotted To Bomb Wrigleyville Night Spots,  Discussed
Biological Attacks On Chicago,  Poisoning Lake Mich, Bombing Willis Tower,
Assassinating Mayor Daley, Attack Cops


Stop The Illegal Alien Student Bailout Now:
DREAM Act Senate Phone List; Update: Vote Scheduled Tuesday 2:15pm

DREAM Act A Nightmare For America


Health Insurers Drop Coverage For Children Ahead Of New Rules

ObamaCare Promise Of No Rationing Broken By FDA

Tea Party

Obama’s Tea Party Attack

7 Things The Establishment Gets Wrong About The Tea Party

PROOF: DNC And Team Obama Are
Targeting Tea Partiers And Top Conservatives


House Republican’s Oversight Plan: Investigate Bailouts, Stimulus, Healthcare

Cantor: GOP ‘Young Guns’ Ready To Roll Back Obama Agenda

Democrat Controlled Government

Proof: New Records Show DOJ Lied About New Black Panther Dismissal

Explaining The New Democratic Logo

Barack Hussein Obama 

Obama’s Illegal Immigrant Aunt Zeituni: US Had To Make Me A Citizen 

All You Need To Know About That Beck-Breitbart Protest:
Obama’s ‘Organizing For America’ Was Behind It


Now Decent Folks Can Rest Easy: East Lansing Police Nab Qur’an-Burner

Michael Moore: The New Face Of Jihad?!

Democrat-Activist Media

New York Times Reporter Covering Mosque Story Was ‘Trained’ By Imam Rauf

Suddenly, Offensive Nazi Signs At Protests Aren’t Big News —
If the Target Is The Right, The Mainstream Media Gives Them A Pass

With Tax Hikes Soon, Cable News Uses ‘Tax Cut’ Phrasing 13 Times As Much

NY TImes Moral Depravity: Equating Good With Evil
SIOA = Bloody Murdering Jihadists In Indonesia


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