Illegal Alien Charged With Murder In Colorado
Was Wanted For Deportation (Video)

Must Know Headlines 9.30.2010


Obama To Support Internet Wiretapping; More Silence From The Left

To Be Well-Informed You Must Go Online 

What Was FBI-Raided Radical Abudayyeh Doing At Obama White House &
Why Was He Awarded $457,000 In Taxpayer Money?

Congressman’s (D) Brother Gets $107 Million
 From Department Of Energy For Wind Farm

As Economy Stumbles, Obama’s Economic Team Quits

Congress Flees D.C. To Campaign — Without Passing Budget

Mexico’s Mayors Ask US To Stop Deporting Illegal Immigrants
Who Have Been Convicted Of Serious Crimes In The U.S. To Mexican Border Cities

Here Are Names Of Deep Pockets Funding Obama’s Scheme;
Wealthy Far-Left Activists Put Cash, Savvy Into Aim Of Transforming U.S.

The ‘Assassination’ Of ‘Immigration Reform’

Barack Hussein Obama

Former Obama Organizer, Village Voice Writer Attacks ‘White America’

Let’s Not Turn Immigration Into ‘Us Vs. Them,’
Says President Suing A U.S. State Over Immigration Law

Obama Learned The “Precepts Of Jesus Christ” From Rev. Wright

Senate To Obama: Respect Israel

Obama: GOP Dishonest With Americans

 Obama Openly Lies About National Deficit At Iowa Campaign Stop

Democrat-Activist Media

Left-Wing ‘One Nation’ Rally Organizer Has Long History
Of Highly Offensive Statements – Will Media Report?

New CNN Boss Commits To Strong, Nonpartisan Journalism

Trust In Media Continues To Crater

CBS Ignores Obama’s Attacks On Tea Party And
Fox News In Rolling Stone Interview, Talks About His iPod Play List

Democrat-Run Government

Congress Keeps Ducking And Dodging On Fannie And Freddie

Dem Ariz. Mayor Arrested On Bribery Charges


The FBI Raids The Chicago Home Of A Local Union Leader Looking For Terrorist
 Connections As The Union’s Former Chief Is Investigated For Corruption

Trumka: Voter Anger Due To Tea Party Lies

If You Want ‘Social Justice,’ Dismantle The Teachers Unions


El-Gamal Says He Is Calling The Shots On
Ground Zero Mega-Mosque, And Isn’t Moving


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