15 Fake News Stories Since Trump Won POTUS

Must Know Headlines 10.09.2010


Why Did Media Ignore Threat Of ‘Flag Of Islam’
Flying Over White House?

Union Pushes For ObamaCare Then Is Granted Waiver

Hey, Give Us Exemption From Obamacare, Too!
University Argues Special Treatment For Favorites ‘Fundamentally Unfair’

  More Than 100,000 Jobs Lost, Likely Much Worse

Every Month, The Obama Government Is Lying About Jobs

Trainwreck Of A New National Security Advisor

“We Do Not Accept Your Democracy Or Your Freedom
Because We Already Have Sharia Law And Freedom”

Elie Wiesel Calls For ‘Interfaith Center’ To Replace Ground Zero Mosque

The Green War On Children

Barack Hussein Obama

Marxism, Socialism, Communism, And Obama:
Tracing The President’s Behavior And Opinions Back To The Source

President Donates $100 Billion To The United Nations

Obamaville: A Nation of Sponges Waiting To Be Told What To Do Next

 Obama’s Anti-Prosperity Crusade

Voters To Obama: Thumbs Down On Your Israel Policy


Feds Deport Al Qaeda Associate To Canada

 Nevada’s 14.4 Percent Unemployment Tops Nation;
Has More Than Tripled from 4.4 Percent at Time Of 2006 Midterm Election

Al Sharpton Yells At His Audience For
Being Insufficiently Excited About The Democrats

Democrat Activist Media

 MSNBC Bleeps Out the Word ‘Whore’ From Jerry Brown Story

Crackpot WaPo Reporter Sally Quinn: Americans
Think Obama’s Muslim Because He’s Black (Video)

 NBC Flees From Lefty MSNBC Cable Network

Mad Maddow: GOP Candidate Tangles With MSNBC Host In Wild Interview

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