15 Fake News Stories Since Trump Won POTUS

Must Know Headlines 10.15.2010


Al-Qaeda: Ram Cars Into Crowds For Allah

UK: Rape ‘Impossible’ In Marriage, Says Leading Muslim Cleric 

Capitalism Saved The Miners

America’s Food Stamp Culture

‘I Want Your Money’ Review: Move Over Hollywood, The Tea Party’s Coming!

Dollar Hits New 15-Year Low Versus Yen

Star Struck Clooney Misses The Point About Disastrous Sudan Policy

O’Donnell Says ‘I Am Still Fighting My Party’

Did First Lady Michelle Obama Violate Illinois Election Law?

Florida Judge: Fight Against Insurance Mandate Can Proceed

Barack Hussein Obama

Why Does The President Praise A Man Who Compares Jews To Hitler And Stalin?

Obama & Company Trying To Pull 
A Fast One To Keep His Old Seat In The D Column?

  MTV Dude To Obama: “Why Should We Vote You Back In?”

Obama Wants $1.25 Billion To Compensate Up To 66,000 Black Farmers For USDA
Discrimination In 1981-96;  Census Says Black Farmers Peaked At 33,000 In Those Years 

Obama Choice Helped Fannie Block Oversight

Obama On Being Labeled A “Communist”: “We’ve Got To Stop The Name Calling”

Democrat-Activist Media

Oprah To The Rescue…
TV Host Offers To Fly Jon Stewart Audience To DC For Socialist Rally

Worst Of The Week: Team Obama’s Media Helpers Hide Bad News For Democrats

Media Matters Tries But Fails To Refute The School Choice Evidence


 Whoopi Goldberg And Joy Behar Walk Off The View Because Of O’Reilly

Deranged Chris Matthews Says Tea Partiers Would’ve Died in Mine

WaPo Defines It As ‘Public Awareness’ To Say GOP
Will Release Terrorists And Pollute Rivers If They Win

Democrat-Controlled Government

Government Regulation Of The Economy Is The ‘Silent Killer’

Barney Frank’s Big Lie, He Can’t Run From His Stake In The Subprime Crisis

 Treasury’s Handling Of TARP: Sloppy And Secret

The Democratic ‘D’ Now Stands for Demagoguery; 
 Democrats’ Charge Of Foreign Influence Smacks Of Desperation


Investigator’s Decapitation ‘Message To White House’–
Mexican Drug Cartels Declaring U.S. ‘No Longer Controls Border’


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