Mom Whose Daughter Was 'Brutally Murdered' By Illegal Has
Message For Dem Gov Ignoring Trump's Immigration Order

Must Know Headlines 10.20.2010


Thug In Chief: It’s Time To Fight For It (Video)

Only 1-In-4 See American Dream As Still Attainable For Everyone In The U.S.

Shocker: ‘DC Elites’ Don’t Like Tea Party

A Warning To Republican Elites:  Compromise Is Not The Solution

Will The 2011 Congress Have The Backbone To Deregulate?

Chris Coons Sued 3 Times In 2007 For
Retaliating Against Public Employees “For Their Political Views”

Here’s Explanation For Obama Twice Dropping ‘Creator’–
Quotations From Declaration Of Independence Just Said ‘Endowed With Rights’

Change, Don’t ‘Celebrate,’ Cultures–
The Multicultural Dogma That We Must Accept Every Culture Is Inane

Democrat-Controlled Government

U.S. Government Does Not Have ‘Effective Control’
Of 1,081 Miles Of The U.S.-Mexico Border, DHS Says

Illinois Soldiers Wait For Ballot,  Prisoners Get Hand Delivery

Democrats Have No Message As The Election Approaches

The Cynically Ruthless Barney Frank, Enabler Of The Mortgage Meltdown

FBI Outreach Partner Kifah Mustapha Hosted Hamas Fundraiser In July 2009

‘Department of Homeland Security Continues To Mislead American People’
About Drug Cartel Violence In U.S., Says AZ Sheriff

Dems Hope To Buy Senior Votes For $250

Public-Sector Unions Choke Taxpayers

Issa: Obama Administration Will Be Held Accountable

What’s The Worst That Could Happen With The New Health Law?

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama To Appear On Stewart’s ‘Daily Show’ Oct. 27

How Obama Hurts Black America

Obama Continues To Omit ‘Creator’ From Declaration Of Independence

Obama Backs Venezuela’s Right To Nuclear Energy

Obama Has Now Borrowed $3 Trillion…Democrats Say Bush Spent Too Much

Democrat-Activist Media

Media Twist O’Donnell-Coons Exchange On Church And State

Media Misrepresenting Christine O’Donnell. Again.

Niqab-Clad “Journalist” At The Huffington Post Sneers
At Idea That Sharia Is Creeping Into American Society

Obama The Tax Cutter: A Network Fairy Tale 

George Stephanopoulos Preps For Dem Disaster,
Wants Tea Partiers To ‘Cooperate’ With Obama

Twisted Logic At The NYT: Time To Negotiate With The Taliban

Parker Spitzer Takes On Conservative Critic

CBS’s ‘Medium’ Presents Sheriff Joe Arpaio-Like Character As Rapist-Murderer

CBS’s Nancy Giles: Bristol Palin ‘Makes Me Ill,’
‘Making Money & Leaving Her Baby At Home’


Lawmakers in 14 States Craft Bill To Deny Citizenship To ‘Anchor Babies’

Thomas’s Wife Asks Anita Hill For Apology


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