16 States Using Voting Machines From George Soros-Linked Company

Must Know Headlines 10.22.2010


Breaking The System: The Obama Team’s Strategy For Changing America

Insane Fed To Print More Money 

 Obama Pushing To Reduce American Power

After News Of Google Tax Dodges, Obama Raises Money With Google Execs

Are Three Liberal Billionaires Trying
To Control What We Think Of As News In America? 

DeMint: I’ll Leave The GOP If They Go
Back To Big-Spending Policies

General: Muslim Brotherhood Plots Undoing Of America

 Fannie & Freddie, Mother Of All Bailouts

Jobless Claims Revised Upward Yet Again

Free The Taxpayers: Defund State-Sponsored Media

PBS’s New Government-Funded Eco-Indoctrination Cartoon For Kids

Don’t Vote If You Didn’t Do Your Homework

Dems Will Steal Election If We Let Them

AZ Group Accused Of Massive Voter Fraud Is Offshoot Of SEIU

Cook County: Voting Fraud Could Pose Threat In Illinois Senate Race

 Leftist Group Finds 3,000 Suspect Hispanic Voters To Register & Vote On Last Day
Of Early Voting In Ruth McClung’s District …Update: 65% Are Invalid

National Public Radio

Muslims Speak Out Against NPR’s Political Correctness

GOP Ready To Probe NPR’s Federal Funding

Firing Offense: NPR Axes Juan Williams
For Opinions On Muslims & Post-9/11 Travel

The Juan Williams Case Reminds Us Why
 We Do Not Need State-Run Media In The U.S.

Sarah Palin: It’s Time For National Public Radio To Become National Private Radio

National Patronizing Radio

More Democrat-Activist Media

NBC Advances Democratic Agenda On ‘Secret Money’
From Rove’s ‘Network’ That Means Return To ‘Watergate, Wild West Days’

Retraction Request: Politico’s Jonathan Martin Smears Palin With False Facts

Spitzer Takes On Tea Party, Parker Goes AWOL

PC & Islam

Statistics Show Women Do Fare Badly Under Islam,
But U.N. Official Calls Data ‘Stereotyping’

Hamas-Linked CAIR Blames Geller For Shining Light On Hamas-Linked ISNA

Ontario: Conference Facility Caves To
Pressure From Islamic Groups, Bans Mark Steyn From Speaking


Obama, Tax Hikes, Foreclosures And Downward Spirals

 Fannie, Freddie Bailout Could Double In Cost

Don’t Mess With Texas; Learn From It

Angle To Reid: Man Up, Man Up, Man Up


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