Mom Whose Daughter Was 'Brutally Murdered' By Illegal Has
Message For Dem Gov Ignoring Trump's Immigration Order

Must Know Headlines 10.29.2010


Liberals At War With Liberty

War On Citizenship; A U.S. Court Of Appeals Has Invalidated An Arizona
Law Requiring Proof Of Citizenship To Vote In State And Federal Elections

Saudi Prince: Move The Ground Zero Mosque

Voter Fraud In America

Man Pulls Knife On Republican Candidate In Hotel Lobby

National Football League Backs Reid Over Angle;
Invests $340,000 To Save Incumbent Congress

What The Media And The Left Won’t Tell You About Lauren Valle

Health Care Law Allows Open Season On No Bid Contracts

WikiLeaks’ Inconvenient Truth About Iraqi Chemical Weapons

Obama On The Daily Show: How The Political Class Thinks

Unaccountable Democrats

DNC And Dems’ Private Club Delinquent On Taxes 16 Times In 7 Years

Teachers Spent $9Million Taxpayer Dollars On Cosmetic Surgery In 2009

 $1 Billion In Taxpayer Money Goes To Dead People

Forget Black Panthers –
Congresswoman Warns DOJ Of Tea Party Voter Intimidation

Joe Sestak Is In The Pocket Of Hamas-Linked Muslim Brotherhood CAIR

Union ‘Card Check’ Smokescreen For Lame Duck Pension Bailout

Gore Leaves Car Idling For One Hour During Speech;
Opts For Swedish Government Jet Over Public Transportation  

Radical Rep. McCollum Says Tea Partiers Are Anti-American &
Racist Haters For Posting Video Of Her Omitting “Under God” From Pledge

State Department Chose A Tea Party Critic
To Explain The Tea Party To Foreign Journalists

Democrat-Activist Media

Maher Mocks American Electorate: ‘They’re Like a Dog,’ ‘Too Stupid’

Olbermann Warns Voters Against ‘Cataclysm’
Of Tea Party, ‘Would Destroy America From Within’

Networks Twist Unemployment Reports To Boost Obama, Bash Bush

The Gawker Smear Machine: A Refresher Course; Update: O’Donnell Responds

Ed Schultz Erroneously Claims No Evidence
Of Leftist Violence at Kentucky Senatorial Debate

CNN Guest Mischaracterizes’ Focus On The Family’
As Pro-‘Mean’ Toward ‘Gay People’


Another Reason To Vote Republican: More Smug Celebs

James Cameron: King Of All
Hollywood Environmental Hypocrites Tells Us How To Vote

India: One Of The Muslims Accused In Chopping Off Of
Christian Professor’s Hand Over “Blasphemy” Wins Local Election From Jail

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