Must Know Headlines 11.13.2010


 Obama & Geithner’s Embarrassment In Seoul;
The World Won’t Follow Slow-Growth, Weak-Dollar America

The Progressive-Communist Alliance

Hizballah Top Dog Says His Group Is Ready For Another War With Israel

Many American Jobs On The Line, US Chamber Warns Over Stalled Trade Deal

Video: School Tells Student To Remove
 American Flag From His Bicycle Because Of Complaints

100K Hispanics Fled AZ After SB1070

‘Green’ Shopping Bags Contain High Toxicity Levels

Google Street View: A Systematic Invasion Of Privacy

Fed’s QE2 Is A Backdoor Tax Hike

UN Insanity: Libya Praised, America Damned, For Human Rights Records

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama Knocks The Jewish State In A Muslim State That Bans Israelis

Media Ignores Pro-Obama Merchandise In Hamas-Controlled Gaza

Barack Obama: The MOST Anti-Israel President!

Obama Hits The Trifecta Of Failure In Seoul,
Even The Most Ardent Obama Supporter Should Be Embarrassed

Planned Parenthood Got $349.6 Million In Tax Dollars,
Performed 324,008 Abortions, Paid Its President $385,163

Ideologue-In-Chief Obama Will Continue To Be Bad For Business

Guess Who Ordered Nude Body Scanners– Attorney With Multiple
Constitutional Claims Confirms Orders Come Straight From The Top

Obama May Face Left-Wing Primary

Obama, GOP Set For Lame-Duck Showdown Over Tax Cuts


P.G. County Executive Jack Johnson, Wife (Democrats) Arrested In FBI Sting

Nancy Pelosi To Remain In The Party’s Top Position, 
 Steny Hoyer To Become 2nd, & James Clyburn Comes In No. 3

Pelosi: ‘We Didn’t Lose The Election Because Of Me’

DNC-Affiliated Students Accused Of Felony Voter Fraud In Minnesota

Throw Energy Czar Under The Bus

Democrat-Activist Media

Media Ignores Pro-Obama Merchandise In Hamas-Controlled Gaza

While Obama Coos Over Mosques Next To Churches,
Networks Gloss Over Baghdad Catholic Massacre

CNN Claims ‘No Favorites,’ But New MRC Data Documents Its Liberal Skew

Friedman Admits He Deliberately Exaggerates China Threat

Irony Alert: Accused Plagiarist Arianna Huffington
 Accuses Bush of Plagiarizing… His Own Words


ADL Goes After Beck-More Proof That It’s Just Another Progressive Spin Machine