Must Know Headlines 11.16.2010


‘Death To America And Israel’ Slogans At Muslim Hajj Pilgrimage

Barack Obama Sends ‘Best Wishes’ To All Participating In Hajj This Year

Media Ignores Pro-Obama Merchandise In Hamas-Controlled Gaza

“In a Symbol Of Spirituality” Muslims Hold “Death To America” Rally At Hajj

4,000 Muslims Celebrate Al-Adah Feast By Attacking Coptic Christians

Over 2,000 Violent Muslims Attack
Police Outpost In India During Hindu Celebrations

Guantanamo Detainees To Be Paid Compensation: Report

At Turkey’s Insistence, NATO Will Not Name Iran As A Missile Threat

The ACLU Is Courting Terrorism And Disaster


In-State Tuition Upheld For Illegal Immigrants, Not For Out Of State Americans

Side Effects: Obamacare Accelerates Hospital Job Losses

Report: Open-borders One America Votes Operated Illegal Political Committee

Senate Republicans To Tea Party Movement: Go Screw Yourselves

Cartoonist Ted Rall To Appear At Communist Bookstore

Democrat-Activist Media

Krugman Lets Cat Out Of Bag: Palin Was Right On Death Panels

NYT Columnist Who Called ‘Death Panel’ Claims ‘Lies,’
Now Calls ‘Death Panels And Sales Taxes’ The ‘Real Solution’ To Medicare Cost

On CBS, Laura Bush Calls Out Media For Liberal Bias

On Today: Bobby Jindal Slams Obama For His
Slow Response To Oil Spill, Lauer Offers Excuses

Castro’s America-Trashing Talking Points Sound Like MSNBC


Midterm Election Was Not an Endorsement Of Republicans;
GOP Has Been Put “On Probation” By The American People

Bowing To Tea Party Pressure, McConnell Backs Earmark Ban


Unreal. SEIU Local 25 And 12 Other Union Groups Receive Obamacare Waivers

Getting ‘Tax Cuts For Rich’ Backward

Pelosi To Buy Votes With $250 SS Checks; Duck-Out Dems Give Away $14 Billion

Shuler: I’ll Challenge Pelosi For Democratic Leader

Sarah Palin

Palin’s New Show Scores Highest Ratings Of Any TLC Launch

Pathetic: Environmentalists Whine About Palin’s Reality Show


Soros’s Next Target: Your State

Earmark Ban Vote Tuesday: Make Your Voice Heard

State Warning To TSA: Stop Breaking The Law