Must Know Headlines 11.17.2010


 Reid’s Priority Is Amnesty, Not Jobs

Sen. Reid Re-Elected As Senate Majority Leader

Dude, Where’s My Obamacare Waiver?  

Christian Massacre In Baghdad

Palin: “Jerusalem Is Israel’s Capital – Not A Settlement”

Side Effects: AARP Employees Face Premium Hikes As Result Of New Law

 Feds Look At Technology To Disable Your Cell Phone In Your Car

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama Appointed Trial Lawyer Who Repeatedly
 Sued Food Companies To Regulate Them

Obama Finally Names Nominee For U.N. Reform Post,
But He Has No U.N. Or Diplomatic Experience

Our President Flees To Europe As “Food Insecurity” Hits Obamaville

Podesta Calls On Obama To Circumvent Congress
Using Federal Agencies And Executive Branch Power

First Lady’s New Chief Of Staff: Dem Fundraiser & ‘Soros-Friendly Bundler’ 


DeMint, Senate Republicans Pass Sweeping Earmark Ban

Senate Democrats Push Against Earmark Ban

RINO Murkowski Statement On Earmark Ban: Against.

Big Sis & TSA

Big Sis Turns Up The Heat: New Super-Enhanced Pat-Down More Invasive

Big Sis Considers Giving Exemptions To Muslim Women At Airports

TSA To Investigate American Citizen Who Refused Body Scan

Public Protests As TSA Torpedoes Constitution

Former TSA Security Director: No One Likes Fourth Amendment Violations,
But We’re Going To Have To Do It

Big Sis Napolitano Sued For ‘Degrading’ Searches;
‘Given The Profane, Intrusive, Indecent Nature, They Are Patently Unreasonable’


University Of California-Irvine Reinstates Muslim Group
With History Of Shouting Down Opponents And Supporting Jihad Terror

California Woman, Nima Ali Yusuf, Charged With
Aiding Qaeda-Linked Somali Fighters (TERRORISTS)

Democrat-Activist Media

Walmart Rx Plan Not Good Enough For AP

Media Interested In Murkowski When It Embarrasses Palin,
But Not When It Embarrasses Murkowski


Internet Traffic From U.S. Government Websites
Was Redirected Via Chinese Servers

Blasphemous Blogger Case Shows Hypocrisy Of Palestinian Supporters


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