Must Know Headlines 11.23.2010


DC Caller: “The Venezuelan leader, who has abolished term limits and shut down
independent media outlets, praised Obama for his charisma
and invited the American leader to come to Venezuela”.

Socialists Unite

 Chávez: “Don’t listen to those reports, which are filled with lies, saying we are a
threat. No, Obama, let’s build a new world where we can all live in peace.”

Chavez Responds To Obama’s Joke About Visiting Venezuela,
Says He Would ‘Embrace’ President & ‘Eat Socialist Arepas’ With Him

Sound Bite for the Day: Obama, Chavez BFFs?

The Amateur Hour: Obama Admin. Has Been Negotiating With A ‘Fake Taliban’

Developers of Mosque Near Ground Zero
Seek Federal Funds For Post-9/11 Rebuilding

Federal Judge Agrees: CAIR Tied To Hamas

Why Is A Government-Run Healthcare Lover A 2012 GOP Frontrunner?



 ‘I Made A Mistake’: Al Gore’s U-Turn On Corn Ethanol


Jindal: An American Solution For Energy Independence

The Tax Code Is The Key: Bring The Fair Tax To The Floor

No To Further Cuts In The Defense Budget

 Barack Hussein Obama

President Obama On “MythBusters”

Woman Who Told Obama She Was ‘Exhausted’ Loses Her Job

Obama Using Executive Orders To Implement Radical Agenda

Bachmann: Obama Pushing “Massive Increase In Taxes”


Disband The TSA:   In Nearly A Decade It Hasn’t Captured A Single Terrorist

Spreadin’ The Glove: TSA Infecting U.S.?  Latex Coverings
 ‘Have Been In Crotches, Armpits, Touching People Who May Be Ill’

Searches Show A Contempt For Americans

Obama Admin.

Lema Bashir, Stealth Jihadist At Obama’s
DoJ, Sabotaged/Disenfranchised The Military Vote?

Has U.S. Foreign Policy Ever Been This Screwed Up?

Oil Producers Bullied

ILLEGAL Immigrants

Chandra Levy’s ILLEGAL Immigrant Murderer Found Guilty

Weiner (D) : Illegal Immigrants Have Justice On Their Side


North & South Korea


N.Korean Claims Contradict Pledges

Bristol Palin

TMZ: Bristol Palin Getting Death Threats, DWTS Ramps Up Security

Tolerant Loving Lefties Shoot Television,
Send White Powder Over Bristol Palin On DWTS

Big Hollywood Endorsement:
A Vote For Bristol Is A Vote Against Nepotism, For Democracy

Democrat-Activist Media 

The Simpsons Takes Swipe At Fox News: ‘Not Racist But #1 With Racists’

Media Ignore Fed’s Call For More Stimulus

Kiss Of Death? Behar Calls Huckabee Her Favorite Republican

AP, Omit Convicted Killer’s
Illegal Immigration Status, MS-13 Gang Membership

WaPo’s Ezra Klein  ‘Politicizes’ Charity, Suggesting Government
Can Do More Good Than Traditional Charities

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