16 States Using Voting Machines From George Soros-Linked Company

Must Know Headlines 11.29.2010


Free Speech Attack: The 19 Senators Who Voted To Censor The Net

Saudi King: Obama Created Great Hope In The Muslim World!

A Taxpayer Funded Climate Conference Begins…In Cancun

Cancun Will Be As Useless As Copenhagen Was,
And For The Same Principal Reason: Chinese Coal

Oakland To Give ILLEGAL Immigrant ID Cards To Work As Debit Cards

Sick Of White Liberals Like Michael Moore Who Patronize Black People
By Falsely Accusing White People Of Racism  

John Bolton Considering A Run For President


Top Republican Wants Wikileaks Declared A Terrrorist Organization

China’s Politburo Directed Google Attack

Journalism That Knows No Shame

WikiLeaks Releases 250K More US Cables

More Hope & Change… “Never Before Has A Superpower
Lost Control Of Such Vast Amounts of Sensitive Information”

 Leak Of State Dept Cables Could Impact Friends
And Allies Around The World, White House Says

WikiLeaks: Julian Assange Could Face ‘Grave Consequences’

Wannabe Bomber

Just Another Bomb-Plotting Jihadist Yelling “Allahu Akbar!”

Latest Mad Muslim Would-Be Bomber Blows It

Portland, Oregon Refused To Participate In Joint Terrorism Task Force In 2005

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama’s Transparency Record Not So Clear–
Open-Government Vow Falls Short

The Obama Administration Is Not Talking Straight About New START

Obama  Clueless About Military Custom

Democrat-Activist Media

The New York Times & Leaks Then And Now

Tom Friedman: Tea Party Is Wrong
 – Americans Want Higher Taxes And More Spending

Media Matters Lies About Media Coverage Of Sarah Palin North Korea Slip

No More Bailouts

Bailed Out Companies Paying $5 Million A Year To Loan Officers

For Tottering States, Bankruptcy Could Be The Answer


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