Must Know Headlines 12.04.2010


Taxation And Unemployment Are Directly Related, And If Every American
Doesn’t Understand This, Then Americans Will Continue To Lose Jobs

Wave Goodbye To Internet Freedom —
FCC Crosses The Rubicon Into Online Regulation

FCC Commissioner Wants To Test The ‘Public Value’ Of Every Broadcast Station

Rep. West: ‘Crazy’ To Fight Over ‘Don’t Ask’ With War To Win

Obama’s Nominee For Firearm Oversight And Regulation
Has Long Anti-Gun Record

FORGET JOBS… Democrats Will Introduce DREAM Act Next Week

 Immigration: The Next Battle

Tax Cuts And Bailouts

$16.1 Billion: General Electric And Its Secret Bailout

Obama Giving Huge Tax Breaks To Bailed Out Companies

Bailed Out GM Gets Tax Break Worth Billions

Dems’ Screw-The-Wealth-Producers Bill Passes, Pelosi Gloats

Senate GOP: Eight Democrats Are/Were With Us on Extending All Bush Tax Rates

Fiscal Commission Report: Too Much Taxes, Not Enough Spending Cuts

Pro-Growth Incentives Will Fix This Dismal Unemployment Picture

The Audacity Of Economic Ignorance

Pitchforks? Dem Senator Uses Violent Metaphor In Tax Hike Fight

Bailed Out $25 Billion, JP Morgan/Chase Bans Christmas Tree

Democrat-Activist Media

The Press Slept As Fed Spent

Nets Expound On ‘Cost’ Of Maintaining Tax Rates,
Stress How ‘Tax Break For The Wealthy Increases The Deficit’

CBS Early Show Ignores Rangel Censure,
ABC And NBC Are Sympathetic To New York Democrat

Former Senior White House Correspondent Renews Venom At Arab Conference

Barack Hussein Obama

Wikileaks: Obama’s War On America, Target Hillary Clinton

Chechnya Burns, Putin Kills, But Obama Talks Treaty

Obama Forgets The Coast Guard When Thanking Military Branches

Groups To Press Obama To Defend Iraqi Christians

 Fort Hood Jihad: One Year Later, Obama’s Cover Up


Pray For Israel: Deadliest Fire In History, Netanyahu Describes As A
“Catastrophe The Likes Of Which We Have Never Known”

Hezbollah Overjoyed By Deadly Fires In Israel


Islamists Targeting Christians ‘Wherever They Can Reach Them’

Congressional Muslim Staffers Website Disappears
After Outed Hosting Terrorists On Capitol Hill

Planned Parenthood Played Role In New Ella Abortion Drug