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Posted By Undercover Welfare Mother:

As a recipient of the federal food stamp program, I now eat far better than I ever did when I was working and scrimping by on $100/month budget for my children and me. Besides the substantial $525/month I receive as a family of three, I was shocked and appalled to learn what the tax payers are providing for my unworking ass.

Your taxpayer dollars will pay for energy drinks such as Red Bull. I also can purchase ANY candy or gum product. Gum is a food product, right Michelle? I also may purchase any mixers (strawberry daiquiri/margarita drinks) without alcohol in them. People always drink margarita mix as a substantial nutritional beverage, right?

One of my favorite things about this is that I may go to the deli or bakery section and get fresh donuts, customized party cakes, party subs, fresh salad bar, deli salads, etc. – all things I could not afford when I worked for a living. I also can purchase soda (which has a deposit in my state) and then return my empty cans to make some actual cash. Thanks guys!  Keep paying your taxes!

I used to cut coupons and watch sale ads. Now I don’t even look at the prices on products. As for these hilarious media interviews, in which food stamp recipients claim to run out of money by the end of the month- I’ll tell ya what- it’s because they are either getting Delmonico steaks everyday or selling their food benefits for cash to buy drugs, etc- which is prevalent in the inner cities.  That’s why their kids are hungry.

I don’t even have to go to the store either, as the Schwann’s man will deliver right to my door. Yes, thank you for my $19.99 gourmet fish I had this afternoon. The local butcher also takes them so I may eat farm raised choice meat products. I have lived on both sides of the food spectrum, and frankly it makes me sick to know that I was struggling while providing candy for others. If Michelle wants to regulate any food program, maybe she should look at her voters and regulate what is being paid for by the good taxpayers of America.

Oh, and guess what? Many of my friends and family will be receiving gourmet boxes of chocolate for Christmas this year. 

Keep paying your taxes, guys!

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