Must Know Headlines 12.08.2010


House And Senate DREAM Act Votes Will Occur Today, Wednesday!

Meet The FCC Commissioner Who Wants To Control The News

Net Neutrality: Treating The Internet Like A Utility

Wikileaks: WMD Program Existed In Iraq Prior To US Invasion

Why The Senate Should Reject The New START

Small-Business Killers: Who Pays For Jobless Benefits?

The Left’s Unjust “Justice”– What Is Just About
 Taking One Person’s Money And Giving It To Another?

Doctors Avoid Medicare Pay Cut For Another Year—But Then What?

Catch-And-Release Of Hardcore Muslim
Fighters In Afghanistan Angers US Soldiers

 China, Who Skins Millions Of Dogs & Cats Alive Every Year,
Declares Christian ‘House Churches’ A ‘Cult’ 

ILLEGAL Immigration

The DREAM Act Is An Amnesty Bill That America Cannot Afford


Dream Act Makes Children Pawns

Rejecting The DREAM Act — And The Radical
Ethnic Tribalism Of The Open-Borders Lobby

Rushing To Break Records, The Obama Administration Lets
Illegal Immigrants Off The Hook In The Name Of Deporting Them


Black Farmer Blows Whistle On Pigford:
‘If You Got A Potted Plant, That Makes You A Farmer’

Pigford May Be The Biggest Scam In American History

Pigford Witness Report: ‘They Began Giving Money To Whoever Filled Out A Form’

‘Eight Applications From One Family Filed And Granted’

Merry Christmas From Democrats

Parents Pull Son Out Of New Hampshire School Over Assigned Book
That Refers To Jesus As ‘Wine-Guzzling Vagrant And Socialist’

PA Town Removes 57-Year-Old Nativity Scene
From Gov’t Building: ‘Highly Disrespectful’


Sharpton To Meet With FCC In Effort To Censor Limbaugh

El Rushbo’s Take On The Tax Deal: Republicans Could’ve Done Better

Obama’s First Legislative Defeat:
His First Failure To Do Maximum Damage To The Economy

The Republicans Have More Power Than They’re Willing to Use Now–
They Don’t Want To Be Called The Grinch At Christmas

Barack Hussein Obama

Obamacare Waiver-Mania Continues! List Tops 222

He’s A Uniter… Obama Calls Republicans “Hostage Takers” & “Bomb Throwers”

‘Where’s The Birth Certificate?’ Hits Breadbasket:
Kansas Joins L.A., Dallas, Houston, Arizona, Nashville, San Antonio, Others

Angry Obama Responds To Dem Critics On Tax Compromise


U.S. Calls Islamic Terrorists ‘Resistance’:
Hezbollah 2nd Only To Al-Qaida In Number Of Americans Killed

The Left-Leaning Media’s Myth-Making About Julian Assange

Like Obama, Emanuel Won’t Commit To Public School For His Kids

A Global One-Child Policy: Ted Turner Wants to Make Us Like China

Lawrence O’Donnell Exposes Liberal Ignorance Of Tax Code


Glenn Beck On Covering Radical Revolutionaries:
‘Even Fox News Doesn’t Cover It’

 Bristol Palin Success On DWTS Triggered FCC Complaints

 Connecticut Muslim Arrested After Buying Bulletproof Vest, Wrote:
“It’s A War Out Here And Satan’s Soldiers Are On The Attack.
So We Must Prepare Ourselves!”


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