16 States Using Voting Machines From George Soros-Linked Company

Must Know Headlines 12.11.2010


Obama Administration Frantically Trying To Push New START, 
A Strategic Arms-Control Agreement With Russia,
Through The “Lame Duck” Session Of Congress

Facebook Is “The New Go-To Place For Jihadi Recruitment,
Radicalization, And Planning Recruitment “

2010: Cold Kills Record Number Of Manatees

Financial Jihad— Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison (D):
‘Create Christmas Crisis’ To Force GOP On Taxes

First Congressman Sworn In On Koran

Obama and Keith Ellison 

Change! Obama Has Run a Deficit
Every Month Since His Inauguration (Video)

November Federal Budget Deficit Highest On Record

 Tax Deal

Limbaugh: I Hope Obama’s Tax Deal Fails

Tax Cut Bill Loaded With Deals For Lobbyists, Lawmakers

Movie Producers And Racetracks Get Special
Tax Breaks In $858-Billion Obama-GOP Deal

Obama-GOP Tax Deal Redistributes
Wealth To Caribbean Rum Makers

The Tax Bill (Still Being Drafted In Secret)
Is Becoming A Lobbyist’s Dream

 Barack Hussein Obama

Obama Warns Of Imminent
Tax Increase If Dems Don’t Extend Bush Tax Rates

As Obama Bizarrely Walks Away From Presser,
AP’s Feller Waxes Nostalgic On How ‘Clinton Commands Stage’


Discouraging Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs

ObamaCare: Flight of the MDs

Does The Public Have A Right To
Know How Effective Teachers Are? Unions Say No

Elena Kagan’s First Vote Was Both Baffling And Predictable

Democrat-Activist Media

Huffington Post Blogger David Epstein Charged With Incest

Democrat Congressman Fumes:
‘Fuck The President,’ All Three Networks Ignore

Did A CNBC Reporter Not Get His Contract
Renewed For Anti-Obama Statements?

Pigford’s Original Black Farmers
Unhappy Over Massive Fraud – Media Ignores

Too Ugly For TV: Chris Matthews Slams
‘300 Plus’ Pounds Chris Christie, Too Fat To Be President


 Will The Supreme Court Empower
Trial Lawyers To ‘Legislate’ Climate Policy?

Challenge To Hollywood Director Adam McKay:
Quit Whining And Raise Your Own Taxes


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