Must Know Headlines 12.12.2010


Big Government Economics Is Dead (Again)

Welcome Home: Two Black Democrat Officials  
Announced They Were Joining The Republican Party

Texas Democrat To Switch Parties Giving GOP A Super Majority

November Federal Budget Deficit Highest On Record

FAA Missing Records For 119,000 Aircraft

The Avastin Travesty: A Cancer-Fighting
 Drug VS. An Out-Of-Control Federal Agency

In The Name Of Safety, The Next Takeover: Food

Christie Going After Tenure In Fight With Teachers’ Union

Robert Reich Wrongly Claims
 Bill Clinton Inherited A Recession

Holder Reassures Muslims Of DOJ’s Anti-Bias Focus

Islam Is A Threat To The World

Islam Is A Government Dictatorship Housed In Religion

Islam Is In The Process Of Taking Over All Of America
And Transforming Her To An Islamic Republic Observing Sharia Law

Retired U.S. Army General:
Islam Greatest Threat To America Since 1776…

TIME Magazine’s Man Of The Year Nominee– 
Ground Zero Imam Rauf — Wants Shariah Law In America

Imam Rauf @ HuffPo: What Muslims Want Is To Ensure That Their
Secular Laws Are Not In Conflict
With The Quran Or The Hadith, The Sayings Of Muhammad

Muslim Girl Killed For Love Affair With Hindu

Extramarital Kiss Earns Couple Eight Lashes Each In Aceh

Kiki Hanafilia, 17, is caned by a Shariah Police officier at a mosque compound in Jantho in the staunchly Muslim Aceh province on Friday. Kiki and her partner, Anis Saputra, 24 received eight lashes each after being caught having an extramarital kiss. “They were yet to have sexual intercourse when they were caught”, prosecutor Deby Rinaldi said. (AFP Photo)

Sweden Has Just Experienced Its First Suicide Bombing

Email Threat Before Stockholm Bombings Called On Mujahedin:
“Now Is The Time To Strike, Don’t Wait Any Longer.
Step Up With Whatever You Have, Even If It Is A Knife,
And I Know You Have More Than A Knife”


Mysterious Missile Launch Baffles Even Eyewitnesses

Obama’s Pal Ahmadinejad Places Missiles
That Can Reach U.S. Inside Obama Pal Chavez’s Venezuela

Democrat-Run Government

White House Backs Green Tax

Vote Fraud As A Democrat Strategy

Senate Won’t Hold Hearings
 Before Voting On $858-Billion Obama Bill

Unemployment Benefits Being Held Hostage by Dems

Obama’s Justice Department Should
Ask Obama’s State Department About Jailing Jihadists

Phony Tax Deal

Obama’s Tax Deal Is Full Of Lobbyist Gifts

The Cost Of New Provisions In Obama’s Tax Cut Deal

Tax Deal Becomes New Porkulus

Legislative ‘Christmas Trees:’ Earmarks By Another Name 

Hypocrites In Cancun

Cancun Carbon Footprint By The Numbers

Evo Morales Cancun Summit Speech Reveals
Radical Anti-Capitalist Intentions Of Global Warming Movement

Democrat-Activist Media

Barbara Walters Slams ‘Uninformed’ Sarah Palin:
Many Find the Idea Of You As President ‘Scary’

Kaboom: Another Palin-Hater Self-Combusts

Behar Displayed How Little She Knows Sarah Palin’s Favorite Authors

Fox News: Maddow Is Wrong,
 Christine O’Donnell Is NOT Hosting Fox & Friends

Media Demands That President Obama Start “Acting Black”




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Must Know Headlines 12.12.2010

  • The most shocking thing I noticed today was the response of many elected democrats to the court ruling on Obama care. When did such a large faction of the Democratic Party (american citizens) decide that the U.S. Constitution is a hinderance to freedom and justice? Such people don’t deserve to reside here.

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