Must Know Headlines 12.14.2010


 Janet Napolitano Signed Agreement In Mexico That
Would Extend Special “Trusted Traveler” Access To The
U.S. To An Estimated 84 Million Mexicans

Operation Buck Up: Stop The DREAM Act Illegal Alien Student Bailout

Department Of Justice Suing School For
Not Giving Muslim Teacher Three Weeks Off To Perform Hajj

If You Go To The White House Website, Right At The Top Is
 A Bar You Can Click On To See “Tax Cuts Clearly Explained”

Boehner Promises Spending Cuts Week-By-Week

Dick Morris: Israel’s Secret War

Medicaid Cuts: No Dentures, Transplants


Palin Criticized For Praying To God,
Obama Given A Pass For Playing God

Obama’s Lies About His Broken Promises

Obamacare Is Unconstitutional

ObamaCare Loses In Court:
A Victory For Liberty And The Constitution In Virginia

Individual Mandate Ruled Unconstitutional

WH Says It Will Prevail In Court Challenge To Health Care Reforms

Health Care Law Battle Turns To Florida

Robert Gibbs Dismisses Today’s Suit
Finding Obamacare Unconstitutional (Video)


NAACP Seemingly Abandons Tea Party Tracking Website

 With a Record Number Of Food Stamp Recipients,
Congress Still Loots Fund

With the Help Of Your Tax Dollars,
NPR Promotes Left-Wing ‘Revolutionary Nutcracker’

Islam Around The World

Pakistan: Muslims Viciously Beat, Then Set Christian Pastor On Fire

Pakistan: Ismaili Muslim Jailed Under Blasphemy Law
For Throwing Away The Business Card Of A Salesman Named “Muhammad”

Iraqi Christians Seek Western Help Amid Wave Of ‘Religious Cleansing’
Sweden: Suicide Bomb Against Free Speech

Democrat-Activist Media

Yet Again, Media Exaggerates Scale
Of Gun Smuggling From U.S. Into Mexico 

Judge Rules ObamaCare Mandate Unconstitutional,
LA Times Waits 12 Paragraphs Before Quoting His Rationale

Rachel Maddow And NBC News Producer Clueless On Lawmaking

FNC‘s Cavuto Slams, Raging Lefty,
Chris Matthews’
Mockery Of Chris Christie’s Weight


The U.S. Should Halt All Funding For U.N.’s ‘Global Warming’ Scam


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