Must Know Headlines 12.16.2010


Tax Bill Violates Article 1, Section 7 Of U.S. Constitution

Lame-Duck Dems Jam Spending Bill With 6,600 Earmarks

Biggest Liar & Worst President Ever:
Obama Promises No More Pork-Laden Omnibus Bills

Senate Omnibus Bill:
Nearly 2,000 Pages of Runaway Spending And Pork

No End To Pork Barrel Spending: Why We Are Going Broke

Bill Hemmer To Cornyn: Why Do You Have
Earmarks In The New Spending Bill If You Hate Them So Much?

Omnibus Double Whammy:
 The Democrats Lame-Duck Land Grabs

U.S. To Have Highest Corporate Tax Rate In The World

Dishonest ‘Tax Cut’ Debate: Nonsensical To Describe Avoiding
Further Damage To The Economy As A “Stimulus”

A Few Of The 40K Earmarks In $1.3 Trillion Bill

Democrat Activist Media

CNN Terror-Apologist Fareed Zakaria:
American People Are The Problem,
 Everyone Wants to Say They’re So Wonderful”

CNN Uses Fla. Shooting To Debate Gun Control

Name That Party: As Usual, Again-Indicted
Former Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick Not ID’d As A Dem

Crime FL School Board Shooter Posted Suicide
Note Railing Against the Rich, Linking To Media Matters

Scarborough Says ‘Judge Not’ . . .
Then Calls Kyl And DeMint ‘Un-Christlike’


Omnibus Double Whammy:
 The Democrats Lame-Duck Land Grabs

Senate Plans Weekend Work To Ratify START, Pass Spending Bill

Senate Democrats Reject Elimination
Of Unemployment Benefits For Millionaires

BREAKING: Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D) Earmarks $48 BILLION To
Pal Who Runs Child Day Care Center From Home With His Wife

Why Do They Hate Sarah So Much?

Holder’s Dept. Of (Social) Justice

Bankrupt Calif. Set To Adopt Sweeping Cap-And-Trade Rules

ILLEGAL  Immigration

Half of All Illegal Entries Into U.S. In 2010
Came Through One Sector Of AZ Border, Says Border Patrol

Manhunt For Suspect in Border Agent Killing

Anti-Illegals Activist To Target Voter Fraud


What To Do With Bradley Manning?
Execute Him, Says Incoming Intel Chairman

Jihadist In Failed Plot On NYC Subways Was Part
Of Larger Plan To Attack Britain, The U.S., And Norway


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