Must Know Headlines 12.27.2010


 Obama Embraces ‘Death Panel’ Concept In Medicare Rule

Starting January 1, Californians Will No Longer
Be Able To Buy 100-Watt Incandescent Light Bulbs…Legally

Nigerian Muslims Drag Christian Pastor
Into Street & Shoot Him Dead – 38 Christians Slaughtered

Los Angeles City Council Passes
 Islamic Law Resolution: (Sharia) Blasphemy Enforcement

Tea Party Favorite Herman Cain Readies 2012 Campaign

Man Charged $500 For Swearing On Bus

Entrepreneurs Fret Daily Over Economic Uncertainty

East Coast Blizzard Is One For The Record Books

Moderate Abbas: “If There Is An Independent Palestinian State With Jerusalem
As Its Capital, We Won’t Agree To The Presence Of One Israeli In It”

Democrat-Controlled Government

Bureaucrats Secretly Implement ObamaCare 

End-Of-Life Advisory Incentives Return — Through Regulation

No Three-Week Vacations For The Hajj? Don’t Worry, The DOJ’s On It

Federal Regulators Wage War On Christmas

Obama Admin Sues Pro-Life Sidewalk Counselor Over Minor Charge

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama To Give Manhattan Back To Native Americans?

 Comrades Barack and Michelle Send Out Kwanzaa Greetings 

Democrat-Activist Media

Best Of 2010: Media Scolded Americans As Anti-Islamic, Anti-Immigrant Bigots

 Dupes Reveals Communist Influence On Hollywood

Obama Groupies Oprah, Matthews Spread The MSM’s Anti-Palin Gospel


Uncovering Radical Islam In America

Al-Qaida Threat On Iraq Christians Linked To Egypt


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