Must Know Headlines 12.30.2010


Actually, Bush Vetoed Bill With ‘End-Of-Life’ Provisions

Net Neutrality Is Theft: Obama’s FCC
Lays The Groundwork For Government Control Of The Internet

Ahmadinejad: Iran Is Now a Nuclear State

Denmark: Five Arrested In “Imminent” Jihad Attack On
Motoons Paper Intended To Shoot As Many People As Possible

350,000 Fatwas Issued In 2010 By Muslim ….. Ahem ….Scholars

Big Nannies Of The Year

Why Jobs Leave The US

Barack Hussein Obama

Hardest Working President In American History
Extends Hawaiian Vacation Another Day

Obama Bypasses Senate, Appoints Envoy To Syria

Missile Defense Continues To Lose Under Obama,
Disappointing Our Allies And Strengthening Russia’s Hand

President Obama Made A Call To Philadelphia Eagles
Owner Jeffrey Lurie And Thanked Him For Hiring Vick

Obama’s Energy Power Grab: Obama And His Environmental Technocrats
 Move To Put A Stranglehold On Nation’s Energy Use

Obama Bypasses Senate With More Recess Appointments,
Including First Ambassador To Syria In 5 Years

Syria: Obama Never Passes Up An Opportunity To Look Weak

ObamaFood: Fattening Government To Fight Obesity


Congress Leading Border Patrol Down Wrong Path

Individual Mandate Least Popular Part of Obamacare

Napolitano Plays Grinch With
 YouTube Pilot’s First and Second Amendment Rights

Democrat-Activist Media

Gas Prices Back Above $3, Networks Don’t Question Obama Policies

CNN Provides In-Depth Investigation Into Obama’s Eating Habits

Time Mag Cover From April 1977:
An Item Worse Than ‘How To Survive The Coming Ice Age’

MSNBC Frets Over No More Kennedys In Congress:
Who Will ‘Fill The Void’ At This ‘End Of An Era?’

How The Mainstream Media Can Be More Bearable

‘Teen Mom’: MTV Promotes Everything But Responsibility


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