Must Know Headlines 1.7.2011


Who Are The Real Hijackers Of Islam?
Maybe The Hijackers Are The Peaceful Ones

Write A Letter For Noor Almaleki:
No Coddling Of Honor Murderers In The U.S

Muslim Girls Are Covertly Prepared For Forced Marriage.
Yet The Feminists Stay Silent

Thank God These People Are On The Other Side Of The World;
Reflections On The Assassination Of Salman Taseer

House GOP

To House GOP, Illegal Immigration Is A Jobs Issue

House Republican Introduces Bill To
Block FCC’s ‘Internet Grab’

Republicans Introduce Bill To Eliminate Obama’s 39 Czars

Rep. West: ‘The American People
Are Not ‘Up’ For The Bureaucratic State’

Allen West Joins Black Caucus; First Republican Member Of The
All-Democratic Congressional Black Caucus In 14 Years

The Next Immigration Battle: Birthright Citizenship

Speaker Boehner Versus His Opposition: The Press

GOP Rep. Lamar Smith’s First Oversight Letter To Justice
Department Demands Details On New Black Panther Case

Boehner: ObamaCare Will Bankrupt Our Nation

National PUBLIC Radio Defunding Calls
Heat Up In First Week Of New Congress

Constitution Read For First Time, But Not In Its Entirety

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama Calls Gibbs $174,000 Salary ‘Relatively Modest’

Obama To Make Third Super Bowl Appearance

Obama’s Foreign Aid Strategy:
Hire More Federal Workers, Spend More Taxpayer Money

U.S. Military Direct Orders: Do More With Less


Dodd-Frank Already Failing Consumers

Union Boss Trumka Admitted Raising Wages For Workers
Was Not His Main Goal As Union Leader

Who’s Afraid Of The Constitution?

Unconstitutional Who Cares:
DNC Chair Dean Confirms ObamaCare Will
Eventually Eliminate Employer Based Private Insurance

Reality Check:
Repeal Of Obamacare Would Not Increase The Deficit

Blue Shield Of California Seeks
Rate Hikes Of As Much As 59% For Individuals

Democrat-Activist Media

After Four Years Of Kid Gloves For Dems,
AP Can’t Even Wait A Day To Take Ill-Informed Shots At The GOP House

 Gas Prices Back Above $3, Networks Don’t Question Obama Policies

George Stephanopoulos Parrots Pelosi,
Warns About GOP Taking Away Health Care Benefits

Nineteen Democrats Scorn Pelosi
 In Speaker Vote, WaPo Buries Story On Page A8

Slate’s Shot At Constitutionalists Misses The Mark … Again

50 Year-Old Kathy Griffin Dedicates 2011
To Attacking 16 Year-Old Willow Palin


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