Must Know Headlines 1.8.2011


Democrat Rep. Giffords Shot In Head,
Federal Judge, Nominated By George H.W. Bush,
 Killed In Shooting Rampage At Arizona Event

9 Year Old Girl Murdered

Also Killed Was Giffords Staffer Gabe Zimmerman

The Healthcare Law Is Not About Healthcare: 
 It’s About Making Us Dependent

Don’t Cut Defense;
Security Is The First Priority Of The Federal Government

Rudy Giuliani Is Rounding Up His Top
Political Advisers For A Possible 2012 Presidential Run

Medical Journal Exposes Study Linking Vaccines
To Autism As Con Job: Your Move, Jenny McCarthy

My Face-To-Face Meeting With The
Terrorist Who Killed My Father

Iran Arrests Dozens Of Converts From Islam To Christianity

What Would A Return To The Constitution Entail?


Pelosi Blames Bush For Democrats Losing House

Ten Things You Need To Know
About Obama’s New Chief Of Staff, William Daley

The Other New Chicago Crony Chief Of Staff 

Democrats Tortured By Reading Of  The US Constitution
On House Floor; Participating In This Was
Like Waterboarding To Liberals

 White House Will Spin Jobs Data

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama Planning To Give Commerce Department
Authority To Create Internet ID For Americans

Reporter To Obama:
What Do You Think Of  Today’s  Employment Report? 
Obama: “Talk To My Economic Advisor,  That’s His Job”

Don’t Raise Limit On Obama’s Credit Card


House Republicans Push Bill To Shut Down White House ‘Czars’

Mike Pence Introduces Bill To Stop Tax Dollars From
Going To Nation’s Top Abortion Provider–Planned Parenthood

Budget Chairman: House Budget Won’t Include Funds For Obamacare;
Spending Bills Will Include ‘Mechanisms’ To Stop It

To House GOP, Illegal Immigration Is A Jobs Issue


Reid: Obamacare ‘Is Not Going To Be Repealed’;
GOP ‘Should Get A New Lease On Life And Talk About Something Else’

House Votes To Repeal “Job-Killing” Health Care Law 236-181

Repeal Doesn’t Increase The Deficit

Democrats And The CBO’s ObamaCare Numbers

WaPo’s Ezra Klein: Obamacare Is
‘Best Thing’ Dems Have Done ‘In A Generation’

Obama’s Health Care Commissars Need Obedience Training

Democrat-Activist Media

Media: We Are Totally Confused By The Constitution

Chris Matthews: Let‘s ’Compromise’ And Grant Amnesty To Illegals

Williams To Boehner: ‘Where Are You Getting The Notion’ Americans
Want ObamaCare Repealed?; Blames Him For Birther Outburst


Why Are American Muslim Groups So
Quiet About the Assassination Of Pakistani Governor?

San Francisco Runs Anti-Semitic Outdoor Campaign



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