Must Know Headlines 1.14.2011


 Oil Set To Reach $100 A Barrel

he Left Has A Scandalous History Of
Blaming The Right For The Crimes Of Madmen

For The Second Year In A Row,
America Became Less Economically Free

Family Charged ‘Death Tax’ For Baby Who Lived One Hour

Massachusetts Tax Credits Used To Cover Stars’ Salaries

Taxpayers Get Bill For GM Bailout

After Praising Coal Industry At Memorial –
For the First Time Ever Team Obama Yanks Coal Permit

Fiercest Gun-Control Advocate In Congress (D) Pushes Bill That Carries
 A Penalty Of Up To 10 Years In Prison For High-Capacity Magazines

John Kerry (D-Lurch) Invokes Giffords’
Shooting To Push For “Clean Energy” Legislation

Obama Calls Off Face-To-Face Meeting To Recess Appoint His
White House Ethics Czar TO U.S. Ambassador To The Czech Republic

UAW Chief Threatens To Brand Toyota And Honda
“Human Rights Violators” If They Resist Unionizing

EPA Handing Out Millions In Taxpayer Money To Study Combination
Of Pollution And ‘Social Stressors’ In Poor Neighborhoods

Sarah Palin

Unbridled, Vitriolic Hatred For Sarah Palin Continues Unabated:
Obama’s Plea For A Civil Tone Doesn’t Apply To Her

They Can’t Help It — Anti-Palin Posters

Palin Targeted In Violence-Tinged Tweets Following Arizona Massacre

Tucson Shooting

Before Tucson Rampage, A Powerful Law Went Unused

 Loughner’s Ex-Girlfriend Claims He‘s ’Faking’ Insanity

Using The Giffords Shooting To Destroy Free Speech

The Sheriff And The Media

Video: Is This A Memorial Service For Six People
Senselessly Gunned Down Or A Rock Concert?

Tucson Aftermath Not The Left’s First Political Witch Hunt

Democrat-Activist Media

Mark Levin Threatens To Sue Over ‘Hardball’s’ Tucson Tragedy Comments

Media Excuse Obama’s Lies About Shootings

Term ‘Blood Libel’ Used On MSNBC In 2000 In Reference To Bush,
In 2006 To Kerry Without Objection By Network Hosts

Cafferty: Palin Can’t Be President Due To ‘Inflammatory’ Reply To Critics

Brokaw: I Would Be Nervous About Going Into Bar In Arizona

Brokaw Pontificates: Time For The Parents To Say ‘Time Out,’ Slams Palin


Anti Gun Metaphor Congressman:
 Obama Had A ‘Double Barrel Effort’ Last Night

ACORN Leader Avoids Prison For Voter Fraud Conspiracy

Gunmen In Mexico Shoot At Road Crew In Hudspeth County, Texas

At Public School, Anti-Americanism Hides in Plain Sight

CAIR’s Honest Ibe Hooper Admits “Don’t Talk To The FBI”
Poster “Crossed A Line,” But Those Who Noticed That Are Part Of
“Islamophobic Hate Machine”


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