Must Know Headlines 1.17.2011


 Michael Reagan Responds To Brother‘s Alzheimer’s Claims:
He‘s An ’Embarrassment’

Anti-Drilling Policies Costing
Federal Government Billions In Lost Revenue

Hu: Dollar-Based System ‘Product Of The Past’

CBO: 748,000 Foreign Nationals Granted U.S. Permanent Residency
Status In 2009 Because They Had Immediate
Family Legally Living In America

Imam Rauf Had To Go Because He Had Become A Liability
To The Taqiyya Project Of The Ground Zero Mosque,
But His Replacement Is No Better

Barack Hussein Obama

 Obama Threatens To Sue States Unless
They Drop  Constitutional Amendments
Allowing Workers Right To Secret Union Ballots

Obama’s EPA Devotes Another $7 Million To
‘Environmental Justice’ Campaign

Tick, Tick, Tick:
The Cost Of Obamacare Is A Time Bomb

What Obama Has Said About His Own Birth;
The Telling Clue Nobody Seems To Have Noticed

President Obama: What’s With the Native American Blessings?


Comprehensive List Of Tax Hikes In Obamacare

Obamacare Under Attack:
Its Flaws Are More Than Constitutional

Tucson Shooting

Youngest AZ Shooting Victim‘s Organs Save Boston Child’s Life

Jared Loughner’s Zeitgeist Obsession

The Left’s Response To Sarah Palin’s Video On The Arizona Shooting
Prompts More Death Threats Against The Former Governor Than Ever

Democrat-Activist Media

Keith Olbermann Praised Fuller
Day Before His Death Threat To Tea Party Leader

A Week Of Media Malpractice Comes To An Unhappy End

Christiane Amanpour Omits Fuller Saying
‘You’re Dead’ To Tea Partier At ‘This Week’ Town Hall

New York Times Profile Still Trying
To Link Loughner to Right-Wing Extremism

Bill Maher: Founding Fathers Would’ve Hated Teabaggers

AP Finally Notes Fuller’s ‘Democracy Now’ Appearance,
Waters Down What He Said

Leftist Yanks Pep Rally “Applause” Photo
& Threatens Lawsuit

Tea Party/GOP

Tea Party Begins Mission To Reshape Congress

Next On The GOP Agenda–
Dealing With Bankrupt Cities And States

After Weeks of Blaming Tea Party,
Tea Party Leaders Now Receiving Death Threats

Arizona Tea Party Leader Talks About
‘You’re Dead’ Threat From Shooting Victim


The Middle East Christian Onslaught

Golden Globes: Ricky Gervais Steals Show Insulting Hollywood

Islamic Supremacist Pseudo-Moderate
Reza Aslan Claims Ahmadinejad Is A Liberal Reformer




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