Must Know Headlines 1.30.2011


 Former Ground Zero Mosque Imam Says He’d Be Open To A New Site
— But Is He Calling The Shots?

Obama Doctrine Is Failing In The Middle East

Muzzammil Hassan — Muslim Wife Beheader:
I Gave My Wife Unconditional Love

Scrubbing And Smearing: Islamic vs. Secular Governance In Egypt
Leftist Islamic Machine in High Gear

For New White House Press Secretary,
Herding Media Back Into Obama’s Lap Is Job 1

Obamacare:  Where’s Our Waiver?

Rutgers Bars Jews From Anti-Zionist Gathering

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama Delivers Weekly Address From
Green Energy Company That Lost $4.8 Million Last Year

Obama Email Preaches Civility–
Then Seeks $$ To Defeat Those Lying Republicans

Trying To Spend Our Way To Prosperity

Obama Infects Federal Work Forces With ‘British Disease’

The Arab World Doesn’t Respect Obama

Obama Believes American Exceptionalism
Begins With Government

Obama Quietly Drops
Campaign Spending Reform From SOTU To-Do


Boehner Set To Revive Successful DC Voucher
Program That Democrats Eliminated

Freshman Becomes Fifteenth House Republican
To Turn Down Federal Health Plan

Sen. Rand Paul: Medicare Chief Berwick Is
Qualified To Run Health Care System — In England Or Sweden


If Obama Emulates The Horrendous Decisions Jimmy Carter Made
During The Iranian Revolution, Radical Islam Will Spread
Through The Region Like A Forest Fire

Obama Cut Funding For Egyptian Democracy Programs
Before The Current Crisis

Iranian Leaders Hoping For Islamic Republic In Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood And Hamas Closely Collaborating In Egypt

The Muslim Brotherhood Is The Enemy

Muslim Brotherhood:
Arabs Will Topple Leaders Allied With the US

Raw Video: Out-Of-Control Violence In Egypt


Bush Aide Died Of  ‘Blunt Force Trauma’

Chris Matthews Blames Egypt Riots On
George W. Bush And Iraq War

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