Must Know Headlines 1.31.2011


White House Quietly Exempts Pampered Politicos From Obamacare

Government ‘Investment’ Doesn’t Create Jobs; The Private Sector Does

IL School Superintendents Retire And Draw A Big Taxpayer
 Funded Pension And Then Move To Another
State To Take Up Similar Job

The Left Must End Their War On School Choice

NASA Lied – 2010 Was Not The Hottest Year Ever

Brooklyn Lawmaker Introduces Bill
To Create More Islamic (Sharia) Investment

Americans Need To Know About Gosnell’s Abortion Horrors

Divisive Rhetoric Is Not The Problem

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama To Send Multitrillion-Dollar Budget Feb. 14

Fmr. Obama, ACORN Adviser Dreier Organizes Anti-Koch Brothers
Rally Using Occidental College Email Account


About That School Obama Highlighted In The State Of The Union


The American Left And The Crisis In Egypt:
The Unholy Alliance Rears Its Head Once Again

US Socialists Support Egyptian Protests

American Communists Rally In Support Of Egyptian Protesters

Why They Hate Mubarak: “He Is Supporting Israel. Israel Is Our Enemy…
If People Are Free In Egypt…They Gonna Destroy Israel”

Why We Should Fear The Moslem Brothers

Worldwide Islamist Revolution Explodes:
As Powder Keg Spreads Across Mideast,
Clerics Celebrate Rise Of Muslim power

Big Peace:  Continued Coverage Of The Situation In Egypt

 Muslim Brotherhood Deception:
They Say Different Things In English And Arabic

There Is Still Time For The Obama Administration
To Recover From Its Disastrous Handling Of Egypt


Senator Paul Introduces A $500 Billion Spending Cuts Package

GOP To investigate Fannie, Freddie Exemption From Dodd-Frank 

Democrat-Activist Media

MSNBC Complains About CNN Airing Bachmann’s
 SOTU Response Then Spends Days Talking About Her

MSNBC VP: “MSNBC Does Not Have A Political Agenda”


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